Review Policy

All books that we accept we will try to review.If for some reason we accept a book and we don't honestly get into it, then there is a chance we may not review it. We like reading books we love. This is a fun hobby and not a job so we try only to accept books we are sure we will like and review. The chances of us not reviewing it because we did not like it are small. We are generally fast readers (Read about 3-4 books a week) So they will be read and reviewed as quick as possible. If at any time we feel we are backed up we will let you know before you send the book out an estimated review time. If you have a specific date let us know. More then likely we can work it out. Also due to the amount of books we are asked to review we are not always able to respond. We apologize for this.


-Paranormal Romance
-Urban Fantasy
-YA Paranormal
-Mystery & Thrillers
-Sci-Fi & Fantasy
-Dark Fantasy. 

Where will Review be Posted?

  • Facebook Page
  • Goodreads
  • Amazon
  • Smashwords. If Purchased with a coupon code from Smashwords.
If you have somewhere else you want it to be posted let us know.

Formats We Accept

  • Paperback/Hardback
  • ARCS/Galleys
  • EBooks (PDF's or Mobi)

Douche Bag Clause:

After recent events in the blogging world, we here at AwesomeSauce have decided to add a
 NO DOUCHE BAG allowed here rule.
 We are not pointing fingers at anyone but we will not tolerate any douchebagery!

  • So that means if you send us a book to review, there is a chance that we will not review it. Its not part of an evil scheme to steal your books, its just that sometimes life gets in the way or we really just couldn't get into the book and we gave it up. We will do our best to only accept books we are sure we will love, but hey shit happens! So if you have a problem with this feel free to hit the back button and go somewhere else. 
  • Also there is no guarantee we are going to like your book. Like we said we try to only accept books we like, but again shit happens. In our review we will say what we didn't like. It might be something you loved, but our reviews are our opinions so its whatever we like or don't like that we talk about. If you are looking for a guarantee, you will not get one here! And if you are someone who feels the need to rant and rave over your bad or unfavorable  reviews on twitter, facebook, blogs or anything else then please leave. Even if we would love your book we don't want you here. 

Bottom line this is our blog! We are here to have fun and talk books! We are not here to fight over our opinions or to defend ourselves. We like our drama free bubble. So if you are someone with some drama baggage, We'd prefer you go away. We don't want it!

Guest Post/Interviews/Giveaways/Excerpts ETC.

Also we would love to Host Giveaways, Give Author Interviews, Guest Posts, Book Excerpts, Promote a Book Release and things like that.As long as the book is in the genre we read. Please see our Policy for Interviews, Guest Posts. etc. HERE. If you have bookmarks or other swag we will give it away or have it as a prize for Book of the Month books or theme book Challenge.

Keep in mind that we are really new and growing. These policy's may change or we might actually word them more professionally. But we doubt it because we like the way we write. Lol.

For your Review to be considered please email us @
Please include as much info as possible:
Book Format
Book Links

We will check this email at least once a week. 

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