Sitting On My Bookshelf

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
I don't know about anyone else but I get so behind on my reading over the summer. Lazy, hot days describe my life in July and August and I just want to take naps all day. So I thought as a little motivation to get into reading quicker, I'd list the books I have sitting on my kindle.

Forged by Desire: Bec McMaster

Fast Track: Julie Garwood

Cold Hard Secret: Sierra Dean

Blood Games: Chloe Neill

The Immortal Crown: Richelle Mead

City of Heavenly Fire: Cassandra Clare

Hollowland: Amanda Hocking

A Karma Girl Christmas: Jennifer Estep

Plus I have about 8 books on my bookshelf that I need to crack into. I am so behind. And listing these out really put things in perspective. I need to stop napping and start reading.

How about you guys? Do you seem to get more behind in the summer? Or are there certain times of the year that always seem to bog you down?


  1. I go in spurts when I'm less behind and more behind- yes, that is to say that I'm always behind because I just keep adding to the pile. ;) I have a few of those same ones to get to that are on your shelf.

    1. I do the same things. "Ooooooo this book sounds good!" Only it's part of a 40 book series that I have to read RIGHT NOW.

  2. That is not bad at all to have only 8 books to read. I have probably over 1000 to be read books that I own. Yes I know it is completely out of control!
    Good luck catching up.

  3. If I had 1000 I would literally give up on life. Good luck to you!


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