Early Review: My Highland Spy by Victoria Roberts

Monday, July 14, 2014
Series: Highland Spies #1
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Reviewed by: Amber R.
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

First Glance: 
Ravenna is a spy for the English crown, she's also the main caregiver for her 3 younger sisters since their parents died. Ruairi is a Highlands laird and Ravenna's next assignment for the king. However once in Scotland, things quickly fall apart and her plans change. 

Ravenna and Ruairi: 
They are quickly entangled with each other. Ravenna is there as a governess for Ruairi's son. And to make sure that the laird is bending to the king's will. Although there are these outside factors on each side, Ravenna and Ruairi are strongly drawn to each other. They know better but things quickly escalate between the two of them. 

Laird Gordon is Ruairi's late wife's father and has been a thorn in his side since before she died. Gordon is trying to rally together the different clans to fight against the English king. Ruairi and a couple of his friends are instrumental for Gordon to have a good chance but they are not quick to join up with him. 

The Truth: 
It was bound to happen. And it happened after Ruairi confessed his love to Ravenna. So by the time the truth comes spilling out, it's basically unforgivable. Ravenna heads back to England and they both work on moving on with their lives. 

I thought there were a few parts throughout the middle of the book that kind of dragged. But I really liked everything overall. The build up to Ravenna and Ruairi's relationship plus the suspense of their fallout were spot on for me. All in all a great historical romance for me. It gets extra points for the whole Scottish business. 


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