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Friday, July 11, 2014
Summer is still here and we're still loving it. Right? At least I am. Today we have Mandy with us! She's going to be lovely and answer some questions about her favorite beach-y and summer-y things!

What book would you take on a beach vacation if you had to leave now?
Right now? Probably KISS ME HARD BEFORE YOU GO by Shannon McCrimmon. I just got it in the mail, and very eager to start it! If it was one to reread it would be OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon. Hands down. 
Would you take an e-reader, book, or audio book?
Most likely my e-reader. I just have too many books on it that I need to read.
Where's your dream beach vacation?
We love going to Gulf Shores, AL. But this is a dream vaca right? So I would have to pick somewhere in Australia or on the Mediterranean Sea.
 The Mediterranean Sea is somewhere I need to be. 
What book do you remember reading over summer vacation when you were in school?
My friend, in like 4th grade, had found me a book once while she was on vaca and brought it home to me. It was titled MANDY by Julie Edwards. I still have it.
What's your favorite beachy drink (alcoholic or non)?
Sweet tea or Cherry Vanilla Coke. 
(Sweet tea is my fave!)
Who would you take on your beach vaca if you could take anyone?
Definitely my husband. And of course I would have to bring all the kiddos. But if we could get away with it, for at least a couple days, just the two of we can exhale and relax. 
(You are a good mom! I'd leave the kids at home. Haha!)
Where is your favorite vacation spot?
So this is probably going to make me sound old and redneck’ish. But Branson MO. In fact we head out there in July. We absolutely love it there and usually go once a year. There is shows, shopping, water parks, shopping, great food, shopping. 

I don't know about you guys. But I'm betting I'd have a blast here!

Thanks again for joining us today. If you want to follow Mandy around on social media check out the links below!


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