Review: The Accidental Duchess by Madeline Hunter

Friday, June 13, 2014
Series: Fairbourne Quartet #4
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Publisher: Jove
Reviewed by: Amber R.
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I have had this recent resurgence of historical romance and if it's wrong, I don't want to be right. I don't even know if the historical romance I read is accurate on the history side of things and honestly I don't care. Reading contemporary romance usually does nothing for me but historical romance just brings me so much happiness and I have no idea why. I think it's because it's frivolous and fun and I know that's all it can be. Sometimes it's about accepting limitations and enjoying yourself anyhow.

So that has nothing to do with this review other than the book is a historical romance but that's okay too. I worked almost 14 hours today, so you'll have to forgive me.

When we get a historical romance with a woman who realizes the era she lives in is giving her the brunt end of the deal, it makes me even happier. Lydia Thornton is one of those ladies. An old maid by societies standards (at 24), she is independent and intent on living life her own way. Her brother, an earl is her guardian and pretty much turns a blind eye to whatever she does. And she likes to gamble.

One of her brothers best friends is the duke of Penhurst. He's always fair and honorable and perfectly respectable. By chance he becomes better acquainted with Lydia. And takes it upon himself to help guide her into more acceptable social behavior. Lydia gives him a run for his money and takes him on an adventure he never expected. Due to a work of fiction Lydia wrote several years ago that would cause quite a scandal if released into society, Lydia must work fast to get the manuscript back at whatever cost. Of course Penhurst gets dragged into her shenanigans.

Things between Lydia and Penhurst are tumultuous at first, which is good for me because if they weren't I probably wouldn't like them as much. Lydia is outspoken and doesn't shy away from standing up for herself. Penhurst is a good guy and quite dashing with a bit of a clever fox added in. I liked their story and how some of their history intertwined.

I don't know if I have read anything by Hunter before, I can for sure say that I'll be picking up more in the future. With the blend and balance she gives us, there really isn't anything more you could want in an historical romance. At least not for me.


  1. This one sounds fun. I enjoy a variety of accuracy in my HRs as long as the story is told well.

    1. "A variety of accuracy" I love the wording. Lol. I agree. And this is a super fun book. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Don't be ashamed of liking historical romances! You just read what you want to read at any given time. I usually switch genres quite a bit but lately have been feeling burned out with HR thanks to some lesser books by favourite authors. I hope to get my love back soon though, half of my shelves are HR romances.
    So, good review, and an author who does have her own stack on my shelves as well.

    1. I usually switch between anything paranormal/urban fantasy and HR lately. I like HR, it's usually fun and I like it being set in a different time. Paranormal & UF will always be my favorite but sometimes a break is nice.


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