Early Review: Fireborn by Keri Arthur

Monday, June 30, 2014

Series: Souls of Fire #1
Release Date: July 1, 2014
Publisher: Signet Select
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Emberly is a phoenix living out her current lifetime, working as a research assistant at a large pharmaceutical company. Living a full life as a phoenix has it's own complications but Emberly has a special talent for embracing the more complex things. Able to take on the form of a human, firebird, or flames she lives with her soulmate Rory. But being a phoenix means that they can never be in love with each other. Although they actually need each other to survive and thrive. They are destined to love humans and have relationships that are doomed to turn to ash.

A dream that Emberly can not ignore leads her into a rough neighborhood late one night. Knowing that the man she's fated to love this lifetime is in danger leads her right into the path of dangerous enemies. Humans have been infected by a new virus making them a vampire by product and it's highly contagious. Emberly helps rescue Sam much to his dismay. Not having seen him since they broke up Emberly is introduced to a different man than she knew. He's leading a team of police to put a stop to these infected humans and he's much more dangerous now. Emberly wants him out of her life so she can move past the heartbreak as soon as possible but fate has different plans.

Once her boss, who was working on a top secret drug, gets murdered Emberly feels like she has to help figure out why and nothing is going to get in her way. Not even Sam whose case is connected to the murder. And once Emberly meets Jackson, a fire fae who is a private investigator working on an eerily similar murder of another researcher they team up and are determined to figure out what's going on no matter the cost.

Emberly is the ultimate heroine for me. Self assured, take no crap, confident, kick ass, and strong she gives us everything we want with none of the b.s. underneath. She knows who she is and is unapologetic about it. Sam, Jackson, and Rory all bring different elements to the book but really are there (in my humble opinion) to build up Emberly's character. Sam is the bad boy, hard ass cop who was hurt once by Emberly and is hardened now because of it. Jackson is fun loving but determined to do what's in his best interests. He's also extremely hot and Emberly wastes no time getting a taste of just how hot. Rory is sweet, fun, and (mostly) everything that she needs. The connection between them is super intense and rewarding.

With the plot, the characters, the steaminess, and the rhythm of the writing this series is bound to be a hit. The ending cleaned up the loose ends pretty tidily but leaves some threads hanging that leave us immediately wanting to know more. And don't worry Keri's talent for steaming up the pages is definitely in there as well.

A book that is sure to catch the interests of anyone who loves suspense, romance, perseverance, and heartbreak with a paranormal twist Fireborn does not disappoint.


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