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Friday, June 6, 2014
With summer upon us, we decided to get in contact with same of our favorite bloggers and find out what are some of their favorite beach-y and summer-y things. So starting us off is Braine at Talk Supe.

Where's your favorite beach?
I'm from the Philipppines. If you're unfamiliar, it's in Southeast Asia, above the equator, and a tropical country so I pretty much grew up near sea water. So it goes without saying that my favorite would be from my hometown of San Fernando and our house is a 5 minute walk from the pier and fish market and 10 minutes from the beach where you can actually swim, play frisbee, drink or just do whatever.

Uh hello??? Who is even from a place this gorgeous??

What book would you take on a beach vacation if you had to leave now? 
I just read MAKE YOU MINE by Macy Beckett and it's the perfect beach read. I usually read supernatural/paranormal stuff but when I'm lounging around, I want something light and breezy and not laden with complicated world building and intense characters. Although I'd bring any Molly Harper book as back up for nighttime reading, she's always a hoot!

Would you take an e-reader, book, or audio book? 
Both because I don't want to run out of options. My e-reader sucks, useless if you're under the sun so definitely a book if I'm catching some vitamin d either on the beach or poolside. E-reader in the room or somewhere shady. 

Where's your dream beach vacation? 
This is Bora Bora. I'm coming with you!

What book do you remember reading over summer vacation when you were in school? 
Hmm... I hardly read because I was too busy flirting with boys and hanging out with my cousins. But there was one summer where I read Sweet Valley High by  Francince Pascal, that didn't last for long though. Why live in a fantasy world when you're in a place lots of people fantasize about?! Virgin surf and sand!

(I loved Sweet Valley High!)

What's your favorite beachy drink (alcoholic or non)?
During summer in my hometown, we'd drink room temperature beer coz ice is expensive so what we'll do is get a case, put it in water and after an hour or two it'll be "cooler". And by cooler it's only 70 degrees give or take. I know it's horrible but when you're tipsy or drunk and drinking on the beach with great company and the water just a few feet away, it doesn't really matter. Now that I'm older and can no longer get away with "cute drunkenness" I'll just take water or Gatorade. Can't have my old, brown ass gracing social media, one can never be too careful nowadays.
(LOL. And warm beer?? Ewwww)

Who would you take on your beach vaca if you could take anyone? 
Oh my lover boy that's for sure! I have to try the outdoors thing sans the Poison Ivy... right Amber I? :D
(She's never going to live down that poison ivy story. haha)
Thanks so much for joining us here today! And you can check out Braine's awesome blog and catch her on other social media at the links below.    
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  1. Lol great post ladies, thank you! Beaches in Holland are so very crowded, I don't like going there. But the sand is yellow, and the sea is cool, and if there are no jellyfish, everything is fine.
    Reading books, always, paperbooks.

    1. I'm in Ohio, so any beach is a good beach.

    2. I bet the beaches in your area make for a great day of people watching

  2. Fun feature, Ambers! And what a surprise to see Braine visiting today. Loved her answers.

    1. Braine is a freaking hoot. I'm so glad she said she'd join us today.

  3. Thanks for having me Ambers! Love the post and I'm so honored to launch this summer special of yours!


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