Review: Taken by the Others by Jess Haines

Friday, May 23, 2014
Series: H&W Investigations #2
Release Date: January 1, 2011
Publisher: Zebra
Reviewed by: Amber R.
From Goodreads:
Once, New York P.I. Shiarra Waynest's most pressing problem was keeping her agency afloat. Now she's dealing with two dangerous, seductive vampires who have been enemies for centuries. The only thing Max Carlyle and Alec Royce agree on is that they both want Shia - for very different reasons. Max is determined to destroy Shia for killing his progeny, while Royce's interest is a lot more personal. That's not sitting well with Shia's werewolf boyfriend, Chaz. As the feud between Max and Royce gets ever more deadly, a powerful vampire-hunting faction is urging Shia to join their side. Shia has always believed vamps were the bad guys, but she's discovering unexpected shades of grey that are about to redefine her friends, her loyalties - and even her desires.

  1. They tried it. They really did. This has all the makings of a good UF series but somewhere along the way it misses that rhythm for me. For some reason it's just not clicking. 
  2. Shiarra is dating were alpha, Chaz. And their relationship is just not believable. She calls him a "furry" monster, beast etc a lot. She spends about 75% of the time saying that she's scared of him in one breath and then saying that she sees him as a regular person in the next. 
  3. It seems like Shiarra has a lot more chemistry with vamp leader Royce than Chaz. And we hardly see Royce at all. 
  4. I don't really care with the writing style. 
  5. The endearing and realistic friendship between Shiarra and Sara falls flat. It's not endearing or realistic. 

I could pick up another one of these books. If I actually have nothing else to read. But honestly I highly doubt it. This series is just not cutting it on the UF for me.


  1. Sounds like the story is saying one thing, but on the other hand showing something different. I haven't seen this one before. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I just am not a fan. I've read a couple books so far and I just can't get into it.

  2. I have some of these on my shelf. It sounds to me like there is a bit of a love triangle. I hate love triangles! Is that what is going on in this one between Royce and Chaz?

    1. There is like a love square. But yes. And love triangles are the worst.

  3. I have read the first 3 or 4 and need to get back. For me it had a lot of LKH vibe, but not as good as those.

    1. Maybe that's part of the problem because I'm not a fan of LKH either.


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