Review: A Sword Upon the Rose by Brenda Joyce

Monday, May 26, 2014
Series: Scottish Medieval #2
Release Date: June 24, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin HQN
Reviewed by: Amber R.

Plot: Alana is the illegitimate daughter of a high up lord. She was forgotten by him and raised by her grandmother after her mother died. War is coming to Alana's neck of the woods and the stress and anxiety is too much for everyone to handle. Alana's family are playing a major part in the war. She has a gift or a curse that is being exploited by her family. A Highlander warrior from the opposing side of the war causes Alana to question everything about her loyalties. 

What I liked: I don't know how accurate it was but reading about the different aspects of the war that Robert Bruce waged was pretty cool. It really made me wanna crack open a history book and find out what happened. I liked the fact that Alana was so head strong and even though she knew the people she loved world be upset, she really followed her own heart and her own mind. 

What I didn't like: There was a lot of whining going on. So many gasps and cries and exclamations. It was pretty excessive. Also Alana was pretty whiny the entire time, which got to be annoying. Like we get that she was in "peril" but couldn't she have been a little bit more stoic about it rather than so dramatic? We get that going against her family, that doesn't even like her by the way, is hard but she really has no reason to defend them or stay loyal to them. I also didn't like that Iain wasn't in the book as much. So even though they were "in love" you didn't really get to see their connection. Granted he was away waging war but still. 

Final Thoughts: The mash up at the end with Alana's father's wife and daughters seemed pretty rushed to me. The fact that they just all basically fell in with each other seemed pretty stretched. Iain and Alana end up together but because of him not being in the book as much it's hard to really picture them together.


  1. I have a big stack of her books, still unread, on my shelves. I don't think I will start with this one ...

    1. No I definitely wouldn't. It wasn't too bad but I won't be rushing out to try anything by her anytime soon.


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