Review: Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong

Friday, April 25, 2014

I think the easiest way to do this and really sum up how I felt about this book is this...

It was so amazingly good, so good. I posted something on our Facebook Page that I'm going to share here.

I finally am starting Thirteen, the final book in the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong and just reading her intro has me a bit misty. This is going to be a hard book for me. As a reader who hardly ever (never) re-reads books, this is definitely that series for me that I will continue to come back to again and again.

I'm so sad to know that this series is coming to an end and Spell Bound was absolutely spectacular. I need to know how Thirteen goes but I don't want it to end. 



  1. ehh and the review for Spellbound? Was it good as well?

  2. I thought he was crying because it was so bad, lol ! I'm sorry it's ending...


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