Review: Everdark by Elle Jasper

Friday, April 11, 2014
Series: Dark Ink Chronicles #2
Release Date: June 7, 2011
Publisher: Signet
Reviewed By: Amber R
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I don't know you guys. I was super excited after Afterlight. I was so ready for a new (to me) series that I was really into and just completely loving. I think this series might have the opposite of First Book Syndrome. FBS is where the first book in a series is kinda slow and not that great but then the books after are fantastic. Well I loved Afterlight and this book was more frustrating for me than anything.

So the plot is there and I really liked where about 85% of the story is going. However, I was so annoyed by Riley and Eli and Victorian, who are the three main characters. In the last book, Riley is attacked by Victorian and his evil, murderous brother. After the attack she has vampire "tendencies", also the brothers have a special link with Riley's mind. And Victorian is obsessed with her and really thinks he's in love with her. He's making her have dreams of him and interacting with her in her mind. Eli, being a vamp and having special powers, can read her mind and knows this is happening. And although he realizes that she can't do anything about it, he's MAD at her and JEALOUS. It's so annoying, how immature can he get?? He's a billion years old and he's acting like a jealous kid. Eli ends up leaving town for a couple days to follow up on some leads they have to stop the brothers. Riley is mad at him the entire time and then as soon as he comes back, she's fine again.

Okay so obviously this is all the review is going to be about but it's so so so annoying to me. I can't stand wishy washy. And this is beyond just having some tension for drama in the story or anything like that. It honestly didn't make any sense and I had no idea how it helped the story along. It didn't help Riley and Eli's relationship grow or change. And don't even get me started on the last two chapters. I have no idea what happened and I read it three times. I just did not understand how all of a sudden we got to where we are.

I'm going to read the next book, I'm hoping this was just me being annoyed. And the series really didn't flip in one book but we'll see.


  1. The last time it happened to me, the following book made it up ! I hope it'll do the same for you ;)

    1. Thanks! I hope so too. I'm definitely going to check it out but it might not be right away. Lol. I need a break from being annoyed.

  2. Second book syndrome is horrible. I hope you like the third one again Amber. When I really am annoyed with all the characters not even the story can save the book from being a DNF.

    1. I am terrible because even if I don't like a book, I have to finish it. I have issues.

  3. I felt the same way after reading this book. I loved the first but something was missing from the second installment. I didn't pick up the first installment even though I own it but I hope to get back to it this year, I do love the story line and the characters so I'll give it another chance.

    1. That's exactly how I feel. The first book was so good and there was just something off about this one. But I am going to at least try the 3rd book and then we'll see how it goes.


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