Review: A Bloody Good Secret by Sierra Dean

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Series: Secret McQueen #2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd
Release Date: September 20, 2011
Reviewed By: Amber R.
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A Bloody Good Secret is the 2nd installment in the Secret McQueen series by Sierra Dean. I started reading this series by chance sometime this month and I have no idea how I've been missing it for the last several years.

Secret is a bad ass half vamp/half werewolf who is an assassin for the vampire tribunal. After almost dying and revealing her deepest secret to a werewolf king and his best werewolf friend, she decides to go on sabbatical. But she didn't tell anyone where she was heading or even that she was leaving.

She finally gets tracked down by Sig, leader of the tribunal. After some unnecessary roughness,Sig convinces Secret that she needs to come back to town. She was given a warrant for the arrest for her mentor, Holden. And Sig is making sure that she comes back to town to finish what needs to be done. Secret has obvious reservations, Holden has spent a good portion of the last billion years or so dedicating his life to the tribunal. Sig even agrees but there's very little that he can do. So it's up to Secret to prove Holden's innocence.

Once she gets back in town she learns that Lucas (werewolf king) worked with Sig to track her down and find her. And obviously, she's ticked. Secret feels like he should have let her come to terms with things on her own and make her own choices. Lucas disagrees and feels like she should have put his needs with the pack before everything else. And he lays it on super thick, he's actually mad at her for not doing everything the way he thought it should have been done. I don't understand how these obligations fall to Secret in the first place. Although Lucas and Secret might have some crazy hormonal connection, he doesn't own her. Secret isn't part of the pack, she hasn't been raised as pack, she doesn't know the implications, or know the "rules" and Lucas was entirely heavy handed.

Holden is coming to Secret in her dreams and a couple times while she was awake. And I have to admit, I'm a big fan of Holden. And I kinda want there to be a Holden/Secret or a Sig/Secret mash up soon. I know she's getting it on with Desmond but we all know that they aren't made of the right stuff to tough it out. Plus Secret is definitely coming into some stronger powers, more responsibility. Things are changing and I don't really think that Desmond is going to be able to change with the times. We're left on a crazy cliffhanger and I can't wait to see what happens next!


  1. The heroine's name is Secret?! That's so cool! I had never heard of this series until now but I'm adding it to my list, thanks for bringing it to my attention Amber :)

    1. Her name is Secret and she's fantastic. Easily one of my new faves. :)

  2. I do love this series, and I admit I am on the I Hate Lucas Team. I still keep rooting for Holden or Sig too, but well ... Happy reading Amber, and coming late to the party means you can glom a lot :)

    1. Lucas is terrible. If she ends up with him, I will freak the freak out. I can't stand him.


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