Review: Thornbrook Park by Sherri Browning

Monday, March 31, 2014
Series: Thornbrook Park #1
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Reviewed By: Amber R.
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I don't know what it is but I really prefer historical romance over contemporary romance. Thornbrook Park is a delightful installment in the historical romance genre. I read this book in just under a day and it was such a quick, great read. Set back in the early 1900's, this is the first Sherri Browning book I've read and I'll be coming back for more.

Eve Kendal is a woman of the times and she is intent on making her own way in the world. After the untimely passing of her army husband, she decides to leave her home in India to return to the country of her birth, England. Although she was disowned by her family for marrying "beneath" her, she still has friends in London and with her payments from investments that her husband set up she will be able to live comfortably.

However once in England, things start unraveling pretty quickly. While Eve has dreams of living her own life, it turns out that something suspicious has happened to her funds. Luckily her friend Sophia, now a countess, is willing to be hospitable to Eve until she can figure out what to do. But Eve didn't figure Sophia's brother in law, Marcus into the equation. A war hero in his own right and a prize boxer, Marcus is a mans man. He's also pretty charming and seems sweet. When he takes up with Eve to help her solve her financial issues, things bloom between the two.

I really loved this book. I was less than thrilled with Sophia and her husband's involvement in Eve and Marcus' relationship. But Eve was such a breath of fresh air. Although times are starting to change for women during this time frame, most of them are still embracing the old ways. Eve is really independent and ready to do things on her own and I can really appreciate that about her.

I think that if you enjoy historical romance or even just romance you will need to read this book. It's super sweet and we get that happily ever after but only after a few false starts. So we get a lot of that suspense too. Plus with some of the other things that happen, things aren't always clear. It's a great mix and a well contained story. Check it out!


  1. I love historicals too and this one does sound fab. I like that she's independent and has already lived in India and that the hero seems full of adventure too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I liked that too about her. She's already been on her own and she didn't need anyone to teach her about life. I loved this book.

  2. This one sounds good, I have not yet read anything by this author.


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