Review: No Humans Invlolved by Kelley Armstrong

Friday, January 24, 2014
Series: Women of the Otherworld #7
Publisher: Bantam Spectra
Release Date: January 2007
Reviewed by: Amber R.

This installment of the Women of the Otherworld series involves Jeremy, the Alpha of the werewolf pack and Jaime Vegas necromancer and star medium. As we've seen in previous books in this series Jaime is hard up for Jeremy. And when I say hard up, I mean in the hardest way. She wants him and has wanted him for the longest time.

Jaime is working on furthering her career and on the fast track to get her own tv show. While she's been doing live shows and guest spots for a long time. She's ready to move on and do her own thing. And getting her own show is something that she's been told that she should have since she was a child. So she's doing a tv special with two other people who say that they also can talk to ghosts. And since her and Jeremy have grown closer, he's coming to hang out with her for a few days.

Once she starts working at this old house that they're filming at, Jaime realizes that there are some weird things going on. Mainly that there seem to be children ghosts in the garden. Which shouldn't really be possible because they normally cross over immediately. With the help of Eve, Jeremy, and half demon Hope, Jaime is intent on finding out what happened to these kids and helping them cross over.

When evidence turns up that humans are doing something that no human should do things get even more interesting. Jaime is on the verge of a lot of life altering changes in her life. Career and personal life are both heading down a path that there is no return from. Okay since this is an older book, I'm just going to say it. The whole sex parts between Jaime and Jeremy, I thought were going to be weird but they were super hot. Like I couldn't get over that balcony scene.

My favorite part about this series besides the character and individual stories is that we get to kind of get a glimpse of some of the other previous characters. Even though they might not be the main focus, they''re still there. Especially with the council up and running, they're definitely reaching out to each other for research purposes and just general support. I can't wait to see what happens next with these awesome ladies.


  1. Jamie is such a fun character! I love her! I'm spending my Friday night with Nick, although he's not quite as awesome as Jeremy, he's still one of Armstrong's werewolves so I love him all the same!

    1. I can't wait for Nick! I'm on Hope's book right now. I love this series.

  2. One day I will start reading her books! You are so tempting me.

    1. I'm a huge Kelley fan.I think you'll really enjoy her.

  3. I really need to start finally reading this series. Great review


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