Review: The Spider by Jennifer Estep

Friday, December 13, 2013
Series: Elemental Assassin #10
Publisher: Pocket Books
Release Date: December 24, 2013
Reviewed by: Amber R.

We all know that Gin was trained by Fletcher to be the most bad ass assassin in Ashland. In The Spider we get to see Gin on the brink of the end of her training and one of the first jobs she takes basically by herself. The Gin we all know and love is very steady and sure. She doesn't take any risks and she always listens to her instincts. However, 20 year old Gin isn't so solid. It's really kinda fun to see her stumble around.

Fletcher and Gin got a job offer to take out one of the leading business men in Ashland, Ceaser Vaughn. While the information they get states that Vaughn is abusing his young teenage daughter Fletcher has reservations about taking the job, Gin is gung ho. She wants Vaughn to pay for abusing his daughter. Given Gin's determination to take this guy out, Fletcher agrees even though he still isn't sure about the job. And while recon and what not go mostly smooth, Vaughn's son Sebastian is an unexpected issue. He takes a liking to Gin and she doesn't really ignore him like she should. He's gorgeous and crazy charming. To say the job doesn't turn out the way it should is putting it lightly.

I really loved this book. We got to see Gin mess up, which I was a big fan of. Gin never screws up and her instincts are always right. But she was really wrong in this one. We also get a lot of Fletcher in this book which I really loved because I just miss that guy. He's awesome. Surprisingly enough Bria and Owen are in this book as well. Although they are small characters, I'm not really sure how I feel about them being in this book. It seemed weird to me and not entirely necessary. We have never heard of them knowing Gin before and I just thought it was weird. Seeing a young Finn Lane was pretty amazing though. Plus we get Jo-Jo, Sophia, and some other familiar faces too.

While I really enjoyed this book, I also have to stay pretty true to myself and admit that it really seemed like a filler book to me. I liked seeing where and when Gin really got into her career. But it was a complete filler for me. It's not relevant to where the story line is going and unless Vaughn's daughter is going to have a bigger role in the upcoming books, I don't really see the point. BUT, I really did like the book.


  1. Yeah I don't see the events in The Spider being anything in the future of the series since the story took place 10 years ago. I think it was just a little break from the action of the series to show us more about Gin's past and her road to becoming the spider.

  2. I do agree that this book was a filler. It was kind of weird that Owen and Bria were mentioned in it, but Gin never put seeing them together until now when recanting the story. I did enjoy seeing this younger Gin. Boy, she reminds me of most young adults, so ready to jump out there and prove themselves no matter the instincts of the older more experienced.


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