Review: Bet on Ecstasy by Stacey Kennedy

Monday, October 7, 2013
Series: Pact of Seduction
Publisher: Loose ID
Release Date: September 24 2013
Reviewed by: Amber I.

This is a one sit read! If you are looking for a sexy sexy read that will leave you hot and bothered then look no further. Stacey has mastered the 3-Some Relationship in this book. Usually I am always slightly loving one guy more then the other but not in this book. Both Brock and Smith went into this wanting a 3 some and each guy brought something to the table. Kyra is one lucky lucky girl.

This is book 3 in Pack of Seduction series each friend goes out to fulfill her ultimate fantasy and when its Kyra's turn she goes for a 3 some. But her one night of her ultimate fantasy ends up being so much more. I couldn't believe how amazingly Stacey put this together. I was so emotionally involved with these characters and when Kyra was a little down I was even tearing up with her and just wanted to give her a hug.

Bet on Ecstasy is one of my most favorite ever 3 Some books! I think Stacey Kennedy nailed the relationship both emotionally and physically and gave us a real relationship even if its not conventional. So if you aren't sure about reading about 2 guys and 1 girl then you should still give it a try. I think you might love it!


  1. Amber I. I love you babe! Muah!

    Amber R. Good job in keeping Awesomesauce alive. Hi5!

    I'm on an erotica break, my last erotica run left me exhausted and dirty. For days I feel like i smell sex in the air! ROFL!

    1. Man that was a dirty freaking book. Lol. You'll l have to let me know what it was called.

    2. Man that was a dirty freaking book. Lol. You'll l have to let me know what it was called.

  2. Haha I love you too. And Amber R has been awesome. I'm coming back though. I was on my way back then my daughter ended up in the hospital so reading went on the back burner again. But tonight I have a date with the very last Morganville Vampire book!

  3. Can't wait to read this. I've just got about 10 autobuys that ended up on my kindle in the past week to get through first


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