Review: Hearts in Darkness by Keri Arthur

Friday, September 20, 2013
Series: Nikki and Michael #2
Publisher: Dell
Release Date: August 2013
Reviewed by: Amber R.

You know I really want to love this series. But I don't. It's really lukewarm for me.

Nikki is a psychic P.I. who is in love with Michael, a vampire who is involved in his own kind of investigation business. In the last book, Michael left Nikki even though they loved each other because his job is dangerous and he didn't want to risk her life for his job. And he was certain that they would intertwine. Fate has other plans for these two though. They're working on two separate cases that end up coming together in Wyoming. And try as he may, Nikki is involved all the way.

This book has all the makings to be a great read but for a few reasons it really misses the mark for me. Mainly the interaction between Nikki and Michael seems really shallow. You don't get that deepness between them that you're really wanting. It's there but it seems very insincere to me. Another thing is that Michael is really trying to insist that even though he is in love with Nikki, he can't and won't be with her. He tell her that constantly throughout the book. But then he gives her false hope by being close to her and touching her and other little things that if he was trying to not be with her, he wouldn't really do. I don't know it doesn't really seem like he was trying and kind of toying with her even though what he said and did really were at odds with his thoughts. Another thing is when they finally do end up getting together, it just seems crazy. One minute he's telling her that they can't be together and then literally the next minute they're in the bathtub together.

I don't know. I almost like this series and I want to give it another shot but then I can't like it. I think some other readers might be able to see the good in it and not focus on the annoying stuff. However for some reason, I really can only focus on the things that are aggravating me. Anyhow I'll probably give the next book another shot only because I can really see the possibilities.


  1. I had the same problem with another book recently... Happens !

  2. Ooo what a gorgeous Halloween banner! I love it! Some series just are not meant to be. So far, I have not enjoyed this author, but I did buy some of her books again (too cheap to let them behind), so I will try again soon.

    1. I love her Riley Jenson and Dark Angels series. I'm thinking this one is not for me though.


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