Review: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Series: Graceling Realm #1
Publisher: Harcourt
Release Date: October 1, 2008
Reviewed by: Amber R.

A friend of mine recommended this book to me months ago and I'll admit that I didn't think I would find it interesting. It took me awhile to finally pick it up and start reading. It took me all of 2 chapters to be thoroughly engrossed in this book. Katsa is the niece of King Randa. And she's been graced with the power of killing. Randa uses her from a young age to execute whomever he wants. She maims, kills, injures whoever he orders her too. However she never really wants to do this job, because he is the king she is under his rule. Throughout the years she has learned control over her grace. She's also started a secret Council that helps people in need throughout the kingdoms.

Being graced is something that is coveted by the seven kings who rule the land. But only if it's a grace that can help them win more power. Some people have graces in violent things like fighting and killing, some have a grace for being able to swim like a fish, or being able to work numbers in order to get a vast fortune. Katsa's grace is something that she longs to control and she is exhausted from hurting and killing people who she doesn't feel deserves it. One day while on a mission to rescue a grandfather prince from one of the kingdoms, Katsa's entire life changes on a chance meeting with a man with the most entrancing eyes she's ever seen. Because she's on a mission, she knocks him unconscious and goes on her way.

However he shows up at Randa's kingdom days later. Turns out the grandfather prince is his grandfather. Needless to say Po and Katsa strike up a friendship. Which is new to Katsa because no one wants to be her friend, everyone is scared of her. So they embark on this new friendship which leads them on an adventure that they never expected.

I loved this book. I stayed up until 7am to finish reading it. And I was crying and laughing and it was just so amazing. I love Katsa, I loved being on her journey as she grew and learned who she truly was. I loved Po and how cocky, sure of himself, perfectly kind and genuine, and so unbelievably sweet he is. They both have struggles together and apart that seem astronomical but they come through them and are better for them in the end. I can't wait to read the next book in this series. 


  1. O this does sound amazing. Like oldfashioned fantasy. Adding it to the wishlist.

  2. Like, I didn't even touch on how amazing it really is.

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