Review: Death's Rival by Faith Hunter

Friday, September 27, 2013

Series: Jane Yellowrock #5
Publisher: Roc
Release Date: October 2012
Reviewed by: Amber R.

Jane is working full time for the Master of the City, Leo Pellisier. Well she has been only now she's not lying to herself. There are vamps all across the country who are getting sick. Which as we all know, should not be happening. Leo sends Jane out to each of the cities that are being effected by this vamp-plague. She needs to get blood samples from the vamps and blood servants to send back so that they can figure out where this disease is coming from. However, very quickly she realizes this isn't going to be as easy as accepted. Someone is intent on stopping her. Also a blood crazy vamp has challenged her to a duel basically. Things are not easy and there are like 50 other things going on.

My poor Janie, she is so guilty and lost right now. While she was raised as a Christian, she's really struggling with her morals right now. She's remembering more of her past and with the jobs she's doing for Leo, she's looking for a balance that she's not getting. 

We get more of Bruiser in this book, which I loved. Because as we know from my past reviews, I'm a huge fan. They still haven't boned which is really ticking me off. BUT there were a few very nice tense moments that I quite enjoyed. Rick pops up and I'm just like "UGH". He needs ot go away and stay away in my opinion. But I'm a Bruiser fan so that's probably why. Beast has claimed Leo as a mate for some reason. So we'll see what happens with that because I don't feel like Jane is quite on the same page. Granted Beast would claim like 6 men as her mate if she had her way. 

Beast is hilarious, seriously. I can't get enough of the Beast parts of these books. Sometimes she makes me lol more than Jane does. They are both pretty funny though. 

We get a few new characters in this book. I'm really interested to see where these relationships go and how the characters develop. 

There were a few things that happened, that I never saw coming. No matter how many books are in this series, I never ever imagined that this would happen. I was pretty shocked. There are several major developments in this book. Basically turning points for Jane and her relationship with the vamps in New Orleans. 

All I have to say that is with each book things get more and more interesting. These books are action packed, hilarious, and everything you could want in a UF book. If you haven't started in with this series yet, definitely do. You won't regret it.


  1. I just finished this one yesterday. It was so good but I wanted her to stake Leo.

    I'm more of a Bruiser fan too until this one...

    I like the new guy in Jane's life and can't wait to see what happens there.

    1. I really need to pick up the next book. Because it feels like we're right in the cusp of something big with the next one. So we'll see. I would have been cool with Leo being out of the picture. I do think it's hilarious that Big Cat thinks of him as a possible mate though.

  2. I agree about the scenes with Bruiser -- he keeps promising that they'll get together, she agrees, then nothing happens. I don't think they need to pledge undying love or anything, just at least get together once.

    I downloaded Blood Trade last night, so I'll hold out hope. Again.

    1. I really need her and Bruiser to get together. It's killing me.

  3. I am totally in love with this series. But no, I am not a fan of Bruiser. His loyalty is to Leo, and that will never change in favor of Jane.


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