Amber I Re-Reads Harry Potter and gets mushy! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Review

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Harry Potter will forever hold a very special place in my  heart. Its the first book I ever read as an adult and just fell in love with. If not for reading this book I would not be here today sharing my reviews. So when I was just burnt out on the reading scene and was going through some personal things I knew I couldn't just give up reading entirely so I decided to go back to the beginning. And I am really glad I did because I was super close to throwing in the towel and taking my leave in the blogging world. So once again thanks to Harry Potter you all get to put up more with my ramblings.

Have you not read this series yet? Well shame on you! I won't go into the plot line because come on! Everyone should know it. Harry Potter is famous in the Muggle and Wizarding world. He is the boy who lived, the boy is defeated You Know Who, who could not know his name? And if you have just saw the movies, then you are still missing out.

The Sorcerer's Stone is a piece of magical literary. Adults and Children should not go without opening these pages. This book changed my life twice and so I think everyone should read it. I had forgot so many things and just reading this book made me have a huge smile on my face. It sets the premise for one of the most amazing reading journeys ever. You need to start from the beginning. You will be surprised at how much JK Rowling ties these books together. I just want to hug this book. Its been maybe 7 years when I first opened this book, and it totally changed my life. I will not get too mushy with you but I am so glad I took my little sister to see Goblet of Fire for her birthday because it got me interested and brought me into the world of reading. I can't wait to re-read all these books.


  1. I'm so loving this review! I really need to read this series over again. It's been so long and reading about your love for it makes me remember mine and it's just so sweet! I need to read it.

  2. The past.. 3 years, I've re-read all the HP books every year, haha. It's just wonderful to return to this world and the characters now and then. Happy re-reading! :D

  3. I love this series. Its been years since I have done a re-read and I am so glad I did! Its just amazing to experience it again.

  4. Harry has helped me through a lot of tough times in my life, too. I always know I can read one of the books (or even watch one of the movies, though the books are always better) and instantly be transported away from my stressful life for a few hours. :) It's been a while since I did a reread, but I will always have these books on my shelf. In fact, it's about time for me to buy a new set; books 1-4 are really battered and worn from being read so many times over the years!


  5. I lost count of how many times I've read the first two books. It's amazing to meet this world for the first time. Great review!

  6. Have you guys seen the new covers? I really want to own them.

    HP books will always be super special to me. I love getting back into this world.

  7. Great review Amber, and I am very glad you got out of your reading slump. Have fun in everything you read.


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