AAD Recap

Thursday, September 5, 2013
We had a blast at AAD. Met some amazing authors and bloggers. Although we technically didn't do much with the book convention, we didn't go to a single panel, Savannah was just too pretty. Still we had an amazing time! 

 Pretty much a photo recap. 

I suck at talking in the 3rd person, so you will see me do it but not all the time. ~Amber I.


Savannah Bound! We left at like 11 pm after we both got off work!

Half way there. Amber I. got a stupid ticket in Virginia! Damn Virginia!

 We have arrived at the hotel. And Amber I has been up for over 24 hrs. Amber R is almost at 24 hrs. We are a little tired but we are eating before our nap!

 We slept for like 3 hours but Savannah needed us. Amber I decided since it was hotter then hell that first day to just keep her pajamas on. Got to stay classy! This was us outside our hotel. On the SAVANNAH river. Amber R. didn't believe that was what it was called.

Hanging out in the lobby. Amber I may have gotten a little tipsy waiting for the Ghost Tour.

Soaking wet after the Ghost Tour! Such a waste of money. It rained the whole time and it was NOT scary! (With Jennifer from The Book Nympho and Laura from Little Read Riding Hood)


Did I mention I was drinking? And totally being a perv. I am sure everyone around me got to hear me talk about lots and lots of crazy things!
Me with Kristen Painter. And yes I was obnoxious. I kept telling her how pretty she was and things like that.
I got pretty drunk this night. I can handle my beer but liquor goes straight to me head. I must have made some kind of impression because I had lots of people coming up to me the following days asking if I was okay.

I got her to dress up with me for like 30 minutes!

I tried GATOR! I was pretty drunk when I did but I really enjoyed it!
I got a little photo crazy. I am not usually one for photos but then I always regret it once things are over. So every 5 minutes I was like Amber-take a picture of me with this and that. I also spent a lot of time drinking, so I was a little out there. And I fell a lot!  ~Amber I. 


She just steps on graves like its no big deal!

Grave Walker!

I think Kristen Callihan is stalking me. hahaha

I love her! Amber I and Stacey Kennedy!

I would have so stuck my tongue out if I knew that is what we where doing!

Jenese from Readers Confession and Jen From TwiMom making an Amber Sandwich

And that is pretty much that! We left Saturday afternoon. I really had so much fun! Stacey Kennedy was amazing! I loved getting to meet her and my fellow bloggers where a lot of fun to hang out with. I hope Jennifer from The Book Nympho goes to RT because I need her in  my life.lol Even though we didn't do much with the convention it didn't matter. We got to enjoy Savannah and meet up with everyone at night. Just getting to hang out was so worth the money of going to a convention.


  1. yeah I must say that panels are not the funniest part of a con. It's getting to hang with book friends and the authors.

    I'm 80% sure I'll be going to RT. LOL

    1. Yay! we will have so much fun. We can go exploring the city.

  2. Amber I - live your peach sorbet dress! And your pervy shots are my favorite. Open wide baby! LOL

    Amber R. - you're so cute! Keep it classy & just smile, don't be like Amber I. Hahaha!

    1. I love that dress. I wish I had more reason to wear it.

      And hey I was kinda classy. I was wearing a dress while sticking sausages in my mouth. And I didn't mention the part where I tried to jump over a rail and did not make it while wearing the dress.

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun- alot!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    1. It was so much fun! I love being able to be in an awesome city surrounded by so many awesome people.

  4. Ok now I know I NEED to go to RT and hook up with you guys, you sound like so much FUN! Loved the perv pics!

  5. Thanks for the fun recap ladies! I am glad you had such a great time!

  6. Yep... those photos pretty much sum up the trip! It was so awesome meeting you both! I hope to hang out again sometime! :-)


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