The Amber Feature: A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison

Thursday, August 22, 2013
As we all know, I've been deep into The Hollows series by Kim Harrison this summer. I thought for something a little bit different and a lot of fun. I would post Amber I's review for A Perfect Blood from November of 2012 and basically comment on her review where I agreed with her and disagreed. Basically I'm going to cliff note her review. So definitely make sure and leave us comments and let us know what you think too!

It has been so long since I read a book from this series. (I feel the same way but I've only been done for like a week.) Like way too long. I read Pale Demon before it came out so its almost been 2 years for me. When I started this book I was like Oh my God I forgot that happened and was kicking myself for taking so long to read this.

A Perfect Blood was great. It wasn't as awesome as Pale Demon but still great. (It was great, just as great as Pale Demon. Amber is obviously biased.) I just didn't like how weak Rachel left herself for more then half the book. (I agree. That was dumb. Rachel makes bad decisions sometimes.) I understand her reasoning but when she is getting the crap beat out of her by humans I just couldn't take it.

In the very beginning we got a little sneak peak at Trent, and as soon as we got that, that is all I wanted to see. (ME TOO. Trent is amazing and I love him and I want him and Rachel together now. I've been a Trent fan from the first.) It took a while for him to be a major part of the story and I missed him. I love Trent and I wish him and Rachel would just rip each others clothes off already!! I missed Al too. He didn't have a big part in this story either. His part in the ending was very entertaining. (I love Al too. And I missed him while he wasn't around. But he always makes a big impact even when his role is small.)

All in all this was a great addition to the series. Rachel seems to have learned her lesson and that she needs her magic and not to hide what she is. (Once Rachel fully embraces her demon side, she gets even more bad ass.) Her relationships with Ivy and Jenks are changing. (They are changing but it's a good change.) She seems to have finally trusted Trent and I am hoping to see a lot of him in the next book. (I have loved Trent and I just want Rachel to love him. And I want them to bang. Hahaha) I am really excited to see what is going to happen next. I am so happy I already have Ever After and I promise not to take a break from this world for so long. Its an amazing Urban Fantasy read!! (One of the best UF series I've ever read. Gets better and better with each book.)

I've always loved Amber I's reviews so much, they're so fun. So doing something like this was a big kick for me. I hope you guys think it's fun too. Thanks for being with us today!

Check out Amber I's original review here.

The Ambers


  1. Lol this is fun Amber. And I agree on most, but have never trusted or liked Trent, because of the early books. Perhaps I am a very unforgiving person, especially for male characters in books. I am looking forward to the next book when it becomes available in paperback.

    1. I loved Trent from the very beginning. I don't know why but he's awesome.


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