Review: Wrong Ways Down by Stacia Kane

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Series: Downside Ghosts #1.5
Release Date: August 2013
Reviewed by: Amber R.

It's been a little over a year since the last book in Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series. I have to admit, I've been missing Chess and Terrible something awful. So this novella from Terrible's perspective came just in time. This book is set between Unholy Ghosts and Unholy Magic (books 1 and 2). Someone is attacking Bump's working girls and Terrible is intent on finding out who is behind it all. Of course he's using his own special mix of brutality and street smarts to get the job done.

Terrible's POV is something that I really loved reading. We get a lot of confirmation that Terrible really is the wonderful, sweet, vulnerable, amazing hero we all thought he was. I was having so many Terrible and Chess feelings throughout this book. And it really reminded me how much I love this series. We all know from reading this series that Chess has some feelings of inadequacy when it comes to Terrible and thinking she's not good enough for him. However, we find out that Terrible has a lot of  the same feelings towards Chess.

He's also intent on finding whoever is attacking Bump's girls. And we get a good look into his every day world and dealing with Bump and all the citizens of the downside world. Terrible demands respect from people and while there are some who question him, he puts them in their place right quick.

I really miss this series and this was just what I needed. Terrible is amazing and so smart and capable. I really loved seeing things from his side and really getting into his head. I can't wait for the next book in this series.


  1. I didn't know about this one so I'm glad to read your thoughts on it. Now I'm eager for a chance to read it too.

    1. Yes! It's a really good story abd it gives us that Downside feeling we've been missing.

  2. Goodness! I remember I have yet to read the 5th book!


  3. Great review Amber! Someday I will read this series. I just have difficulty with a hero named Terrible. Or is that a nickname?


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