Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Friday, August 2, 2013
  Series: Divergent #2
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: May 2012
Source: Amazon
Reviewed by: Amber R.

The society that has been so painstakingly set up is crumbling. People who were friends, lovers, and family are divided. And one person is intent on their course to destroy everyone and anyone who tests or disagrees with the government. Everyone has their own agenda and they are keeping it close to their chest and not sharing with anyone else.

Tris and Tobias are both from the Dauntless faction and they both decided to break away once the Erudite started "capturing" the Divergent with the intent on studying them and either executing them or making them mindless soldiers. Even though Tris and Tobias are together they're both hiding things from the other. And their secrets may be the thing to pull them apart.

Although the story is about Tris and stopping Jeannine from killing everyone who gets in her way, we get a good look at everyone's story. There are so many parts of this story that are so heartbreaking and you just really feel for everyone. There are a lot of things that happen that are absolutely shocking and you never really see coming. I really enjoy how fast paced this book is and how many things that happen that are completely unseen.

I was easily emotionally invested in these characters and this world. The way that this world is set up is so different and I really felt like I was reading something that I've never even thought of before. I really can't wait for the third part of this series to come and find out what happens next. We were left on such a shocking cliffhanger. Waiting for the next book to come out is going to be super hard.


  1. I surprisingly love this series despite its similarities to HG. I just feel like the people casted for the movie are a tad too old to play them.

    What's your team? As I'm a bookworm I think I'll go Erudite LOL


    1. I think I would probably be Erudite or Dauntless. But I didn't think it was really THAT similar to HG. I thought it was going to be a lot closer after reading what some people thought. I was pleasantly surprised.

  2. Ooooh nice! I still gotta read this myself! Since I'm already at this point I thought I might wait til just before Allegiant comes out since reviews have mentioned this cliffhanger. Me and cliffhangers--especially ones with loooong waits til the answers--are not friends! ;)

    Great review! Very excited to read this one!!

    1. It's so nice being able to read everything back to back. So I don't blame you. I'm doing that right now with The Hollows series by Kim Harrison. This is such a great a series.

  3. Nice review Amber, and good luck handling the blog on your own!

    1. Thanks! I think it's going okay so far! But I am trying to think of some fun filler posts! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. This series sounds wonderful!! Would you be interested in blurbing this review, and your review for Divergent over at Bookstore Bookblogger Connection, so we can help advertise the series at local bookstores?


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