Review: The Rising by Kelley Armstrong

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Series: Darkness Rising #3
Release Date: April 2013
Source: Library
Reviewed by: Amber I.

When I finished this book I just wanted to hug it! I was so in love with the ending I almost cried. I just couldn't believe it, a love triangle where I got my way in it. Its unheard of!! How it was all done though was just so perfect and SHE PICKED THE GUY I WANTED HER TO! Ba-Bam!!!

When I started The Rising, I was planning on reading a few chapters then calling it a night. I was tired and I had to work the next morning. But like with almost every Kelley Armstrong books I have ever read once I started I couldn't stop. This last book in the series is just epic. Its beyond anything I can describe. I am in total fan girl mode over it. And you know what was the coolest part (besides my guy winning) was that some of her characters from her adult series are in here or mentioned and the characters from Darkest Powers books play a big part. It made this book even more amazing! I loved both those series and I love the fact that her adult series and her YA series kinda mashed up a bit. So so awesome!

If you haven't read her other YA series Darkest Powers I really think you should start with that. I guess you don't have to but I think its how it should be done. I really hope she writes more in this world even if we have to switch characters. If you have only loved her Adult series then you should really give this a try. It has so many different paranormals and the story lines are all so well developed and just plain awesome!

I can't talk too much about this book without giving a lot away. If you have already started this series then you need to hurry and read this. Its the best one out of the trilogy and it will leave you with a smile on your face. Of coarse everything isn't 100% in the end but it'll still leave you with good feelings. I am kinda sad I read this so fast because I could've enjoyed it longer if I took my time. One day I will re-read this YA series again just to enjoy it more.


  1. Great review Amber, glad you loved it so much. I am slowly collecting all her books, and hope to start reading them soon.

  2. I loved it too! Although I originally wanted her to choose the other guy and was unsure about who she chose in the end, I have to say it was the right choice and Kelley did it so well with no-one hurt (which is usually why I hate love triangles so much)At the end I actually couldn't imagine her being with anyone but her choice! Love how she ended it espeacially as she's hinted at a different stance regarding her YA characters and Adult characters meeting at some point, providing she can get the right story some day!

  3. I prefer the first trilogy over this. I have to read the latest one though, that's where both worlds collide right?

    Miss you! VROOM!

  4. I'm with you--she definitely picked the guy I wanted. HOWEVER, there wasn't enough! Just a tiny bit at the end. I was disappointed and left wanting more resolution between the two of them. Especially since much of the central conflict was left up in the air. I hope she plans on revisiting the series because I seriously needed more.
    Ruby's Reads

  5. I have this one on my kindle waiting for me. It is one of the very few YA books I read and I can't wait to see all the characters from her other series!


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