Review: Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep

Monday, July 29, 2013
Series: Mythos Academy #5
Publisher: K-Teen
Release Date: July 2013
Reviewed by: Amber R.

Midnight Frost is the latest installment in the Mythos Academy series. Gwen is dealing with the aftermath of the Reaper attack and Logan, her "estranged" boyfriend killing her. Of course it wasn't Logan's fault and other than some rather realistic nightmares Gwen is fine. But after the attack, Logan took off with his dad and hasn't spoken to Gwen since. Although Logan leaving and the whole situation that happened with the Reapers is still on Gwen's mind, she has a lot of other stuff to deal with. She's still Nike's champion, Nicodemus was poisoned by a Reaper trying to hurt Gwen and the only antidote is in the Rocky Mountains.

So Coach Ajax, Oliver, Daphne, Carson, and Gwen take off on a mission to get the antidote to save Nicodemus' life. They actually stay at another branch of Mythos while making plans to find the antidote. While in route to Mythos, they're attacked by a group of Reapers and they get unexpected help from a girl who attends the school.  Even though Rory helps, there is something about her that Gwen just can't place. Rory has heard of Gwen and is pretty cold to her even though Gwen can't figure out why. They begin their hike up the mountain with some help from some of the locals and the trip isn't anything like what they expected. Not only do they come across some deadly creatures, Gwen is certain that someone is following them.

The progression in this book so good. I like where the story is heading. Gwen did get another meeting with Nike and she's getting some more idea to what she really needs to do in order to defeat Loki. We also get a bit of Gwen's family history, which is pretty interesting because we haven't really had a lot of information up until this point. I just finished this book and I'm already looking forward to finding what happens next. 


  1. I may have to pick this up once I'm caught up with Elemental Assassin. I love her writing voice and her brand of action is something that truly appeals to me and my imagination.


    1. I agree. It's really so good and I can't wait to see what she comes up with for us next in both series.


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