Review: Flesh and Blood by Kristen Painter

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Series: House of Comarre #2
Publisher: Orbit
Release Date: October 2011
Reviewed by: Amber I.

There was so many story lines going on in this book that its going to be hard to get a somewhat sane review down. We where in the heads of Chrysabelle, Doc, Mal, Tatiana, Creek and there may be more that I am not remembering. But the story was still complex and we are introduced to more characters. Plus with all the supernaturals that cram into this book there is always something crazy going on. I am loving this series but yes there is a but I am going to go on a slight rant in a minute....

A love triangle? Really? I was so mad. And when I get upset its hard for me to see all the good the story has to offer. I mean I was really mad. I had to go look up other people's review for the next few books to see how things would go. I never do that and it irritates me that I had to. I just think Mal and Chrysabelle have enough going on that this was an unnecessary obstacle. Then to have Chrysabelle only knowing Creek for a few days saying things like she wants them both and they are both like okay I will be whatever you need to be just really drove me bananas. I can't deal with love triangles anymore. I can't do it. I like to be surprised when I read a book so its my fault for not doing the research but I just did not see that coming. Seeing her with Creek and knowing it was hurting Mal just didn't go over well with me. Okay I will end my rant.

Besides that the rest of the book was still awesome. Doc is trying to do whatever he can to get Fi back. He doesn't care who has to double cross or alley with to get there. We are introduced to some witches and we see how Doc got his curse in the first place. Dominic and some of the people from his club have major rolls in here too. Tatiana and her crew are still trying to hunt down Chrysabelle and get the ring. And Chrysabelle is still trying to find a way to break Mal's curse. And she does find it but its not going to be easy or maybe even possible. Mal starts to show more of his feelings and I love the development that him and Chrysabelle made but of coarse I couldn't totally enjoy that because of this love triangle thing.

The ending leaves you hanging. There is a huge scene that will change Chrysabelles entire life, then to save her they had to do something extreme. And we don't get to see how she handles it at all. I need to know if she is going to be super upset and blame a certain someone or not. Then the witches come in for a blow. I am definitely excited for the next book, but I need to love triangle to end. And while I am fine with multiple POV's I really do enjoy being with Chrysabelle and Mal the most, I hope in the 3rd book we get more of that. I am excited I finally started this series and can't wait to see how everything goes.


  1. I think this series just wrapped up or will be finishing soon... Maybe I'll give it a go now that all the books are out because I do hate waiting. Great review!

    1. Waiting for books is the worst thing ever. I'll probably be checking this out soon as well.

  2. I am not a big fan of love triangles either Amber. I do have the first three books gathering dust on my shelves, will read them someday.


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