Review: Oath Bound by Rachel Vincent

Monday, June 10, 2013

Series: Unbound #3
 Publication Date: April, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Pages: 400
 Reviewer: Amber R.

Rachel Vincent weaves an exciting tale in this third book of the Unbound series. We're quickly drawn into a story of power struggles, intrigue, complex relationships; familial and otherwise, and an overall amazing story.

Sera Brandt is the unknown, eldest, illegitimate child of Jake Tower. After his death and the untimely, horrific murder of her family she heads to the family she's spent her entire life hiding from. She wants vengeance and she wants it more than she wants to stay in hiding from the Tower syndicate. After forcing her way into the main home to get an audience with her aunt, Julia, who has been running the business since Jake's death things take an unexpected turn. Kris Daniels barges his way into her life when his little sister, Kenley comes up missing.

Kori, Ian, Cam, Liv, Vanessa and Kenley are all back in this book as well. They've been helping to try to take down the Tower syndicate by releasing all of the employees that were bound by Kenley. Once Sera comes into the picture and Kenley go missing the focus shifts to rescuing Kenley. Sera plays a pivotal role in helping them by using her special skill and in return they agree to help her with her main mission in finding the man who killed her family.

Kris feels an immediate connection to Sera for reasons that are perfectly unclear. His first love was Noelle who was a Seer. And while Noelle is dead, it seems like she's still pulling strings from the after life. When she was involved with Kris she used to talk in her sleep. While might not seem like a big deal but as a Seer it was a huge deal. Kris started writing down what she would say and now it seems like she was seeing everything.

I really liked the relationship that came about between Kris and Sera. Kris was a true "nice guy" without being too nice. He has some hang ups after Noelle but I honestly couldn't blame him. He really just means well and wants whats best for everyone. Sera seems really young and naive until you get to know her and her story. And then it's just heartbreaking and Sera is really quite lovely.

I was really surprised to find out that this was only going to be a trilogy because there is so much left that could be told. So all I have to say is that I need Rachel to write more in this series. Even if it was a trilogy, you have author privilege and you can change these things, so just do it for all of your fans. When I started reading this I had forgotten a lot about the first two books but it comes back so quick. I really loved this series. I'm really sad that there isn't going to be anything else with this group because these are some of my absolute favorite characters.


  1. Sounds interesting. I may have to start at the first book and go forward :) I've read lots by Rachael Vincent and I like her style.

  2. Nice review! I've been hearing that the ending still leaves you with a bit unsaid. It's making me a little nervous to read this one, though it does have a place in my TBR pile! Still looking forward to reading it though. It might be her last book for awhile as I don't think any of her new ones come out this year. Another tragedy! Once again, great review!

    1. There is definitely more to be had at the end of the book. It just feels like there could be a lot more to this series.

  3. I hate to say it but I agree with your 5-star review more so than Amber I's 4-star review. She's totally going to hurt me for saying this... *hides*

    1. What the flippin flip Carmel! You better hide.

    2. AWWW YIISSS! Hahah. I'll protect you from her for this one! This was totally a 5 star book! I was hooked from the first chapter.

  4. I've had my eyes on this series for a while. I actually got the first book from the library once, but I just couldn't do it since it's such a long book lol. I need to crack open it first at lease. I'm sure i'll be hooked as soon as I read it


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