Review: Mistral's Kiss by Laurell K. Hamilton

Friday, June 14, 2013
Series: Merry Gentry #5
 Publication Date: December, 2006
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Pages: 212
 Reviewer: Amber R.

So this is the 5th installment of the Merry Gentry series and I've been up and down with it. This book was definitely down for me. I was just not impressed with this book at all. I've been back and forth with this series anyhow, like I said. And the more I think about it, the more I'm just ticked off.

Basically it's just more of the same. Merry is trying to get knocked up, the goddess and magic are coming back to the Unseelie in droves, the queen is still bat shit crazy and flipping out at the drop of a hat, Merry is apparently the best lay ever and she cries over anything, and yeah that's basically it. The problem is that's all that's been IT for like 3 books and this is only book 5. Now I'm a glutton for punishment because I'm just going to keep reading this series and I know it. But I really don't want too. I'm probably going to take a long break though because I just can't handle dealing with more of the same. OH! Not too mention, the book is ONE freaking day and that's it. ONE day. And the book before this?? Yeah, that was the day before. So between book 4 and book 5? One day. Book 4 was one day long and this book was one day. It couldn't have been even a week? We couldn't get a tiny bit more progression?

Ugh. Okay, I really like reading a view on fairies. I don't think there are enough books out there about them. We always get vampires and werewolves but fairies are few and far between it seems. I really like the IDEA of what this series could be but there are some major flaws for me. The time frame is a real issue for me, the fact that we aren't getting anywhere..there isn't progression is a big issue for me. I honestly think the story line is pretty interesting and I would like these books 10 times more if the books weren't basically repeats of what has happened before.


  1. Lol her days are so filled with action, how huge would a week long book be? But I love this series very much, and there is still a story line, and I love the parts where the magic returns. That is what makes it original to read.

  2. Yeah, I don't really care about a huge book because honestly a lot of what happens is seriously, overly drawn out. It doesn't need to take that long for everyone to give everyone else side eye looks. There is like a 20 page description of Merry looking at Frost and Galen from her peripheral.

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