Review: Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

Friday, June 21, 2013

Series: Sookie Stackhouse #12
 Publication Date: May 7, 2013
Publisher: Ace
Pages: 338
 Reviewer: Amber R.


Yeahhh, Sookie didn't end up with Eric. Yes, yes, I am.. I'm diving right in with this one. So right off the rip we get a clear picture that Sookie and Eric aren't going to end up together. And then he gives her this cryptic message.. "Oh if anything shitty happens just remember I still love you IN MY WAY." That's basically what he says. So she goes to Fangtasia and Eric and the whole crew is there, Felipe, his new almost vampire bride, everyone. And Eric is like we can't be married anymore. Sookie goes home, Eric shows up and is like "I still want to be with you but only when I'm not with my vampire wife. Be my bitch on the side. You know you want to, baby." Sookie is not on board with this plan and rescinds his invitation and basically is over it. That's IT. That's all that happens. Sookie is pretty apathetic about the whole thing. And is like, "Yeeahh. I'm kinda sad but whatever, I'm going to go outside and tan." That's IT. So we've been building up this relationship for YEARS and BOOM, nothing. I'm so fed up. And honestly, after the last 3 or 4 books, I'm not really that surprised. This series has been on a fast downward spiral and this was just the culmination of all of that.

There's a random villain who is out to kill Sookie for some reason. But it's not just one villain, it's like 2 or 3 groups of people who are out to kill her in this book. It's all very weird and awkward. There isn't a lot of development. So it's like these people are trying to kill her but it's a pretty half assed attempt.

And then there's Sam. I don't even know if I can talk about this. ApparentlySamandSookiebangandit'sweirdandCHexplainsitlikeSEALSEX. It was seal fucking sex. Are you freaking KIDDING ME? So we don't get Eric and instead we get SEAL sex. What the freak?

So, this is pretty crappy ending to a series that I used to love. Oh yeah, I totally thought Sookie was going to be turned into a vampire by Eric but no, nope that definitely didn't happen. She had seal sex instead.


  1. Seal sex doesn't sound like a good time. I am sad this series went down so much. I use to love it. I don't think I will ever finish it. I haven't read the book before this and maybe not the book before that. My favorite book will always be book 4, where Eric lost his memory. I will just think about those fun times when I think about this series.

  2. I still have not picked it up, I'm so disappointed :( and know I realized I've been angry since 3 books ago. I think I'll wait to get this one when I find it in a dusty cover in a flea-market in Mississippi....LOL

    1. I've been angry for several books too. I was super disappointed in this one.

  3. The ending in this book SUCKED! Sorry, just putting it out there. I didn't want her with Sam, I was waiting for Eric to make all this political drama worth it, but damn him.


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