Review: Alpha by Rachel Vincent

Monday, May 20, 2013
Series: Shifters #6
 Publication Date: October, 2010
Publisher: Mira
Pages: 472
Reviewer: Amber R.

I took some time since Shift to read this book because Faythe infuriates me and this book was absolutely no different.

The whole thing with Jace and Marc was throughout the entire book. And I'm just like, "HOW DUMB IS SHE?" Now I'm not going to lie, I was glad in the end but really? REALLY? Was all of that crap necessary? Up until she boned Jace, he was just another enforcer in the Pride. He barely even registered on her radar and now she's randomly in love with him? Ugh. Whatever, Faythe.

She really stepped up to the plate in this book though...meaning in everything else BESIDES what happened with Marc and Jace. She really takes being an enforcer seriously, she really tries to do her best for her Pride and for her family. I felt like you could really see her coming into her own in the last book and that definitely came to the forefront in this book. Especially after the major fight that happened.

This series has brought forth some strong feelings in me. I take that as a good sign that books were good. If a book can make you feel that much, the author is doing something right. I was so heartbroken throughout this book. I just really couldn't believe what was happening. I have to admit that the archaic views and practices of the council in these books really ticked me off. I'm glad that the series is over though. I'm glad I don't have to get worked up over Faythe anymore. She is the one and only heroine that I've read about this far that I've loved to hate.

Alpha was Amber I's first ever review on the blog back in Jan. 2011. So if you want check it out HERE


  1. I would love to see a spin off series. I think the world is really awesome but I would love to see someone other then Faythe being the narrator. She just totally pissed me off time and again.

    1. Maybe even with Faythe but with her not being a complete jackass.

  2. I thought Vincent wrapped up her Shifter series beautifully with this one; it's one of my favourite installments. Sorry to hear that Faythe got on your nerves at times, she does that but I still love her.

    1. I just couldn't like her. I tried. But it was hard.

  3. A lot of people have said the same thing about Faythe but I liked her. I didn't care for her HEA. I was fan of the other guy. ;)

  4. I have no idea if I can keep reading a series if I dislike the main character so much. I will see, this series is on my shelves already, waiting to be dusted off and read.


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