Amber I's RT-Recap!

Thursday, May 9, 2013
I have no idea to where I should even begin. This was my first ever book con. And I must thank 3 bloggers for making it just extra special: The Book Nympho, Rabid Reads and Red Hot Books. You guys totally made this trip for me so much more fun. And you laughed at most of my jokes (that's always helpful for someone who thinks they are hilarious)

Before Pictures Lets just do some of my author highlights!

Jeaniene Frost:
Me and Jennifer went up to Jeaniene to get a signature at the book fair and she seen my badge and you know what she said? I know you, I go to your blog all the time for book recommendations!
Seriously, that happened. I told her I wanted to put it as my ring tone. lol

Kristen Callihan:
This was like my 3rd time seeing her at the con. And I was like eventually you are going to get all like Oh my God its Amber, I love her. So she was like Amber you complete me and drew a fancy air heart. Then because I forgot my copy of Moonglow she gave me one and singed it.
 This is another true story, I swear it!

Jennifer Estep:
I saw her like everyday. The first time I saw her I was with Carmel and Jennifer. I told Jennifer to just yell Owen she would understand. But she did come over and sit by us and I was star-struck. Then the next day we all had coffee together. It was so much fun. I am so glad Jen was able to put into words what I would love to say about Owen. I just was like what she said. lol

Ilona and Gordon Andrews:
My super stalking senses came out with these two. I mean I knew I loved them before this but as soon as they started talking I was in love. I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Words cannot describe this. Some say my love is creepy but I think with a little effort they one day will return it. I mean when I saw them at the signing Ilona was like I remember you from the panel. So yeah its already started. And yes maybe I ran into them 3 different times in the signing and maybe I watched them from the bar when they walked past and maybe when Jen told me (while I was in the bathroom) they where out in the hall getting interviewed I ran out there just to watch them. And there is that Amber Sandwich thing too. But its not creepy I swear it!

Thanks to Jennifer at The Book Nympho for this picture.

 And my stalking continues. I must do a shout out to my 3 favorite bloggers. I am just naturally self-conscious and I was nervous I would be shy or something. But these 3 ladies really let me be myself and it made everything so much better!! 

Jennifer from The Book Nympho:
y'all she is just as awesome in person as she is online. I love her. She was just so much fun to hang out with. I wish she lived by me. I love her sense of humor, how when I asked her to grab me a book she did it, when I asked her to yell Owen she did it. She was so awesome. She is just the must fun person ever! I didn't expect her southern twang but I sure loved it. I can't wait to see her again in August!

Rabid Reads:
Even before she gave me a NOOK! Yes she gave me a Nook I loved her. She was a perfect roommate. She liked all the same things I did, she could drink even when we where a little tired and just talking to her was so easy. It was like I knew her forever. Its weird it was the first time we met because it was just so easy talking to her. Her eh's where so much fun too. She is the nicest person ever. Well she is from Canada so its in her blood but still I hope we get to hang out again. And when I was sitting in the middle of the room freaking out over all the stuff I had she made some jokes so I wouldn't cry. She even walked me down to the mail room. 

Red Hot Books:
She is just so book smart. Anytime she would go on a rant I was just like I love you. If I could put all my thoughts as organized like that I would love it. She says the things I think but way more intelligent. I was happy to get to sit and talk to her while she was drunk, I didn't even get mad that she got drunk with my new bff's. lol I just told her she was lucky I didn't know where they where. Plus she is just so nice and awesome. Like when Jennifer let me wear a boa on my head to make me look like an ass, Jen was like no you look like a fool. lol I could just sit there and listen to her book rants all day. I hope she goes to RT Nola or at least comes around so I can see her again.

 Picture Time:

By the time the event was over, I was in button overload. Seriously when I walked you could hear them.

Jen, Carmel and Me!

RTBB Bitches. Book Bloggers are the Best

Jennifer, Carmel, Kristen Callihan, Me and Jen

Amber Sandwich: Amanda Carlson, me and Kristen Callihan

Me and Sarah she is Rachel Caines assistant.

Me and Jennifer L Armentrout

Me and Nicole Peeler

Kelley Armstrong and me

Jennifer, Jennifer Estep, Carmel and Me

me, Jennifer and Carmel

Carmel and me at the Bar!

The boa itched my neck I put it on my head. Jennifer said yes, Jen said No!

Amber Sandwich!!! Gordon, me and Ilona!

My new Nook thanks to my FAVORITE Canadian- Carmel from Rabid Reads
Me with Rachel Caine. Isn't she so cute?
And look on my way home I actually opened the window on the plane. I am so scared of flying. This is Cleveland I use to live there and it looks much nicer from the air. But anyways yes I looked out. And I did good until the stupid plane decided to turn.
I can't even get near everything in one post. I won't get into all the times I almost fell or Meese, or Canadian money.  I am sure as soon as I post this I am going to be mad at forgetting something. But I really wanted to do a recap. So there it is!


  1. Awesome stories and pictures Amber, glad you had such a great time. And you can always do a second recap :)

  2. Great pics and stories! It was fun seeing other bloggers! Talked to you and Carmel briefly when we were all in line for something! Lot of line waiting there!

    1. It was great meeting you too! And you are right there was a lot of freaking lines.

  3. So much fun! Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. I really did. You'll have to come to one, one time.

  4. I miss you so much and I can't wait to see ya again in August. We will have even more fun. Too bad Carmel and Jen won't be there. We'll have to find more bloggers to add to our group at AAD. LOL

    1. I need you to plan this trip too. lol I will send you some authors. But we will have so much fun.

  5. Aww. Thank you! I had a great time too! I LOVE the Amber sandwich.

  6. Well at least I'm someone's favourite Canadian. ;) Thanks for the love Amber. I miss you!!

  7. It looks like you had a blast! Great pictures too! You all looked beautiful at the formal, I love the one with Kelly Armstrong, I bet it was nice to get to meet her.
    I'm glad you guys had such a good time :)

    1. It was. After all her books where gone no one was by her so I went over and chatted with her. Got some info on future Otherworld books.

  8. LOLs, RT was full of fun times! I am so going to RT NOLA. Author Stalking is the best, and it's a lovely ego boost when they recognize your blog name :) I am so glad I got to meet you in person- can't wait to hang out again at RT14-- Book Savvy Babe


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