Review: Shift by Rachel Vincent

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Series: Shifters 5
Publication Date: Feb, 2010
Publisher: Mira Books
Pages: 441
Reviewer: Amber R.

I'm still completely on Team EveryoneButFaythe. I was really hoping with reading this next book she would redeem herself to me but unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. I'm going to talk about the whole Faythe/Marc/Jace thing a lot, so be prepared.

Faythe still hasn't told Marc what happened with her and Jace and doesn't throughout the entire book. In fact someone else guesses and tells him. So Faythe being a complete coward still doesn't step up to the plate and keeps blocking questions under the guise of "this is not the time". Marc is noticing that Jace is acting differently and not just different because Ethan died, but he's acting differently towards Faythe. And Marc brings it up several different times and Faythe just brushes him off every time. Jace is also asking Faythe when she's going to fess up to Marc and she just blows him off too. She's great at deflecting that's for sure. So what happens at the end of the book? Marc tells her she has too choose. That's it! He's still putting up with her crap! If I was him, I'd be like peace the eff out! I was shocked, I could not believe that he was still willing to be with her even after all the crap she's done.

Anyhow, that's not the only thing going on obviously. The pack is wanting to go after Malone for justice for Ethan's death. But they are wary to make a move because of the issues with the Council being divided. Not only are they trying to figure out when and what kind of move they are going to make against Malone, there are a bunch of thunderbirds attacking the pack for no apparent reason. And I have to admit even though Faythe is a fool when it comes to her interpersonal relationships, she's a damn good enforcer. It seems like when her dad is ready to step down she'd be a really great alpha.

Now the last book in this series is next. I really need a solid ending here. I really need to see Faythe turn this situation around. If you guys don't hear from me within a few weeks, you'll know that Faythe has completely killed my soul.

Isn't it great when books get you so involved that you feel like you're emotionally invested? It's amazing. ;)


  1. Looking forward to reading this series soon, thanks for the reviews Amber. I am very happy that those books are already on my shelves.

  2. It is a sign of a great book that it can affect you so completely! That series had me crying, swearing laughing and wanting to track Faythe down and beat the hell out of her! I wanted to grab Marc and take him away saying she didn't deserve a great guy like him! I also wanted to make Jace hurt big time!
    It's funny, Faythe is the major character of the series but she's more an anti-heroine then a true heroine with how she treats those around her, throughout the entire series I was 100% team Marc and near enough anyone bar Faythe, Jace and the bad guys!
    The series had me so emotionally involved I was still shaking over it a week after I finshed the last book so fair warning! You will still be randomly swearing at Faythe regarding various events from throughout the series a week after you finish it!

  3. You're going to love the conclusion to this series!


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