Review: Mated to the Devil by Eve Langlais

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Reviewed by: Amber I.
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Mina has been raised by very strict religious parents. But one night when she is dragged to a party she does the unthinkable, she gets down and dirty with some guy. Little did she know one night of passion would forever change her world. Remy is an average collage guy (well he is a werewolf), he drinks and parties and has fun. But things get crazy when in walks his mate. There are steps to take when one finds his mate. But Remy skips these steps and goes right to business. After claiming his mate, she leaves and he didn't even get her name. It takes them 5 long years to reconnect.

I loved this book. It has that forbidden romance feel. And I loved seeing Mina grow. She was this shy girl who always did the right thing. Its just that she couldn't resist the pool Remy had on her. And for just one night of passion she has been disowned by her parents, called all sorts of names and had to grow up really fast and raise her son all alone. She started off weak but by the end of the book she was a kick ass mom with one hot as hell werewolf mate.

Remy spends 5 years in a funk. He wants to find his mate but there are no leads. He never expected that when he did find her she would come with a son. Remy totally stepped up to the plate and I loved seeing him as an awesome dad, a sexy lover and a fierce protector. He promised if he ever found Mina again he would take it slow but luckily for us readers that just wasn't the case.

Eve Langlais can do no wrong. I am sure when people see this book the main character has a child in the first few chapters are thinking maybe this one won't be a sexy to read. But come on, its Eve she wouldn't do that to us. It has all those things we have come to love from an Eve Langlais book! If you haven't picked it up, you really should. Great story + Great sex = AWESOMESAUCE!

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  1. I love her books too. This new one sounds great.


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