The Amber Feature: Discussing Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

Saturday, March 9, 2013

We loved this feature so much, we brought it back! But better! So what we're doing is having an informal (obviously) joint discussion/interview/review with books that we read around the same time. This is what we're here for, right? To talk books! So let's get talking..

Today's book is:

We basically fangirled the entire post. ENJOY!

AI: On a scale of one to 10 how much do you love Adrian?

AR: I probably love Adrian at least a 15. Obviously. 

AI: I will see your 15 and add 20. lol No lets not do this we will be here all day. We can just both agree he is AAMMAAAZZZING!

AI: Can you guess my favorite scene?

AR: I think the last scene with Adrian and Sydney was your fave. Duh.

AI: That is one of them but I would have also excepted a certain dream scene too oh and at the sorority party. There are some others but these are the tops. Very good, you passed. :)

AI: Would you consider Adrian one of your top book boyfriends in a YA series?

AR: I feel like this is a trick question so that you can be like, "HE'S MINE!" But I would say yes, I love Adrian. He's spectacular.

AI: hahaha. No we can totally share him. I won't even say things I saw him first or anything. lol 

AI: Can you tell that  I am obsessed with Adrian?

AR: Amber, my cat can tell that you're obsessed with Adrian and I don't even have a cat. Okay?

AI: why are all your responses making me laugh. I can't keep typing hahahaha I will look like a freak. I was just trying to make sure we all realized that I have a bit of an obsession, I wasn't sure if it was obvious.

AR: Yeah.. we all noticed. You're definitely obsessed. Rightfully so though!

AI: When I first heard this series was going to feature Sydney I was really disappointed but now I can say I freaking love her! How do you feel about her now? Is it different from before?

AR: I really didn't think I would like her either! But she's super awesome. And she's kind of B.A.

AI: yes she totally surprised me. From seeing her with Rose in the previous books I just couldn't see being inside her head and enjoying myself. But she has went above and beyond and I love her!

AR: The other books definitely set you up for Sydney kinda being a stick in the mud, I think. Although she is kind of rebellious during some parts. I never really saw her as a main character in a series but I absolutely enjoy her now. I think she's amazing.  

AI: There was all this hype about who Marcus was, but when we met him it was just like okay there you are. How do you feel about his character?

AR: For some reason, I really thought that Marcus was old. Lol. So I was pretty surprised that he's supposedly this young, handsome dude. Anyhow, what did you think of him? I wasn't impressed by the hype.

AI: I was really scared they where going to add in a love triangle once I found out he was young and good looking. I thought it was weird he was so young. And I just didn't care for him. There was just so much hype the publishers where pushing about his character before the book came out so I was thinking it was going to something major. Then he came and I was like just go away you are wasting my time. Well I almost thought anyone that wasn't Adrian was wasting my time so its not really fair. but yes I just didn't care for him. And I am glad with how things ended up on that end. 

AR: I just really don't get the hype about Marcus, he was alright but he wasn't great.

AI: What do you think is going to happen now after that ending? (I am so nervous, I don't what that girl there she is going to ruin my Adrian time)

AR: That ending was such a buzz kill to my Sydney and Adrian time. We were riding so high and then BAM! It's deflated. I can't even deal with the suspense. 

AI: That is exactly how I felt. I was still in my little happy bubble then when I seen who was in her room, it popped. I am like NOOOO! Why now? We just had a major break through.

AI: What was your favorite part of this book?

AR: I love Sydney becoming more and more independent. I like that she's learning magic. And of course I love the relationship between Adrian and Sydney. The dream sequences were so, so good.
AI: I loved other parts but any scene with Adrian is going down as my favorite. The dancing, the demon child lol, the dreams, going on those trips to look for the girls. Just all awesome!

AI: But seriously isn't Adrian awesome? I can't get over him. Rose was a fool!

AR: Honestly, I feel that Adrian has so much more personality than Dimitri. Adrian is the far superior choice.

AI: Exactly. I am really glad he has found someone else. He deserves it. 

AI: Eddie is super awesome, aren't you so pissed about what happened to him?

AR: I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. Like, seriously? Eddie is a great guy. He should get some good stuff too. And everyone keeps treating him badly. Poor Eddie.

AI: I hate that girl now. I don't care if she is from the back woods and maybe that is how they do things it was so uncalled for. It was so mean. Poor Eddie. I hope him and Jill get together.

AR: If Eddie and Jill got together... it would be absolutely perfect!

AI: What do you think is going to happen next? My main concern is Adrian and Sydney so you can just talk about them?

AR: I don't know! We got thrown for such a loop at the end. I totally did not see that coming. I am so scared!

AI: I just know we are going to be taking some steps back now that whatshername is here. Which makes me so sad. If Sydney breaks Adrians heart again I do not think I can take it. 

AI: What did you rate this book?

AR: I'm giving this book a million stars! Not really, 5 will do. But high, high ratings.

AI: Ditto!

AI: Say I decided not to read this, what one part of this book would you read to me to make me read it?

AR: Probably when Adrian straight up tells Sydney no matter what she does he will love her no matter what. Or when he told her that she was at least half in love with him.

AI: yes that would probably work. Or you could read me some parts of them making out and I would be running to the nearest book store. lol

AR: We should just act out scenes together. Lol

AI: How do you like Sydney's witchy ways?

AR: I love them! I totally get why she's trying to hold back. But I think it's awesome that she has these powers.

AI: It gives her character even more awesomeness. And makes it more realistic for her to be in some of these situations. Plus I love how its just taken her so far away from what she considers normal.

AI: What was your favorite part of this book?

AR: Any part with Adrian? Is this an acceptable answer?

AI: you know me so well. That is a perfect answer lassie. 

AR: I know what my poppet likes.

AI: If you had to describe how you felt after reading this in one sentence what would it be?

AR: ohmyyygahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so amaazzzinnnggg, what's gooinnng to happen nexxt? That's one sentence.

AI: And when is Adrian going to get naked?? hahhaa

AR: I could go with Adrian getting naked. That would be just fine. 

AI: Do you like Rose and Dimitri's love story or Sydney and Adrian's love story better?

AR: I'm saving my answer until you answer this one first!

AI: I think I might end up liking Adrian's. A few reasons, one Adrian is in it. 2 so far no love triangle (this better not change) But I guess I should save my answer until the end. I did love Rose and Dimitri, I was just upset someone had to get so hurt for them to get their happily ever after. 

AR: ADRIAN AND SYDNEY! That was totally my answer. I hope that they end up together in the end. I love that there isn't a love triangle. I love Adrian and I love Sydney and I want them to stay together forever.

Who else has read this book? What did you all think?


  1. I just got this book and am looking forward to reading it. I read Bloodlines and really enjoyed it, but I have not read Golden Lily yet, so am trying to get it from the library before starting in. It sit there on my desk teasing me . . .

    1. We were obviously overzealous but we just love this series so much. Can't wait until you can catch up!

  2. I think my absolute favorite part was when they got their dragon demon baby, lol. Somehow, I'm not sure if they have time to be parents. The complication with Jill seeing their, Sydney and Adrian's, private moments was one I actually didn't see coming, although I really should have. Rose, in Shadow Kiss, was not pleased by her rude awakening, and I suppose Jill has every right to be freaked out. Rose was kissing Christian because Lissa was kissing Christian. But Jill... Kissing someone who is like a sister? That's got to be rough.
    I loved this book and I can't wait for The Firery Heart.


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