Review: Winterblaze by Kristen Callihan

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Series: Darkest London #3
Publication Date: Feb. 2013
Publisher: Grand Central
Pages: 400
Reviewed by: Amber R.

I was so into Firelight and Moonglow, I really didn't know how I would feel about Winterblaze. I think when you love two books in a series so much you get kind of apprehensive when the series continues. Not too mention in the other books Poppy and Win kind of seemed like sticks in the mud. However, I really love Kristen Callihan so I was really looking forward to reading this book. And it blew me away. I really thought that Firelight was my favorite. I'm absolutely certain that Winterblaze is now my favorite.

I fell in love with Poppy and Win. They have so many things to get through. Win found out that Poppy was hiding things from him in Moonglow. Win was attacked and is no longer with the CID. So they are trying to overcome these things in this book plus a whole plethora of other events. There are things about Poppy's role in the SOS that are absolutely shocking. Actually there are a lot of revelations in this book that I never saw coming, I never even imagined, it never even crossed my mind. And Poppy isn't the only one with secrets.

I loved the action in this book and how Win and Poppy worked together. They were so perfect together. When this book starts they had been separated for a few months. It was not easy with them apart, especially since you can really see how perfect they are for each other. I really think that they had to go through what they did so that they could kind of emerge as these better versions of themselves.

This book was absolutely astonishing. I couldn't believe quite a few things that happened. This story was so perfect. And I will definitely be keeping this one on my favorite books of 2013. Kristen Callihan has absolutely outdone herself with this story. I don't read books more than once often and I absolutely plan on reading all three of these books down the line, especially this one. If you haven't checked this series out yet you absolutely have to. If you've read this series but you're worried about starting the third book, don't be!! It's absolutely perfectly perfect.


  1. don't you wish he would have banged her against the window? Then that would have been my favorite sex scene.

    that is all. lol

  2. I adored this one too. I had a feeling even in book one that Poppy would be the sister with the big story. Looking forward to the next one just as much even though it turns to other characters getting their story.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Poppy had a great story and I was pleasantly surprised how much i ended up enjoying her

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