Review: Water Witch by Juliet Dark

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Series: Book 2 of The Fairwick Trilogy
Publisher: Ballantaine
Pages: 352
Release Date: Feb. 12, 2013
Reviewed by: Amber I.
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Son of a monkeys uncle! Another cliffhanger! See this can be the down side to reading books early because that means we have to wait so much longer for the next book in the series and after the ending of Water Witch  the waiting will be torture!

I am in love with this series. Its been almost a year since I read the first book but as soon as I opened this book it was like no time was lost. I was easily able to jump in and remember all those things I loved about Demon Lover. Also I love this town. I love Callie's old house. I love all the neighbors and all the magic that is hidden there in this little beautiful college town.

And have no fear for those who read Demon Lover, our sexy incubus is not staying away. I won't tell you where and when he appears but he is most definitely there. Even when its just in a dream that man is just sexy. Callie also learns more about her "powers" and we discover more about the different people in the town and some new creatures.

I won't go to much into it but this is a great start to a series. The story just has a magical feel to it. I got totally sucked into both books and lay awake thinking about it for a few days. We get to deal with a lot of different creatures from witches, fairies, brownies, succubus, vampires and much more. Its sexy and awesome and totally worth a read if you love Paranormal Romances. I can not wait for the next book.

I keep trying to think of how to describe how I feel about this book but I can't get the right wording. There is just something about the story and the way the author writes it that really gets to me. There are just so many little things that made me fall in love.

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  1. Nice review, but I am still not sure about reading this series.

    1. I am loving this series, its seriously worth a try.

  2. You know, knowi read Demon Lover and although I liked it, I wasn't at all that impressed. I want sure if I'd want to continue the series and tbh, I still don't know if I want to read this book even agree your great review. I'm glad you enjoyed it though Amber I. and it's good to know there's no time lapse between the books I'd hate to forget events from the first lol.


  3. I loved both of these books! I had never heard of Juliet Dark before, I just happened to see The Water Witch at my library on the recently returned cart, when I read the back and saw it was book 2 in a series, I immediately looked for The Demon Lover, which was in stock. I read both books within a week, I couldn't stop reading! Now I have a long wait til the final book comes out in September. This series is perfect for fans of Deborak Harkness' A Discovery of Witches trilogy, ( we have along wait ahead of us for that final book too). I am so glad I took my son to the library that day, now I have a new favorite author to add to my list!


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