Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Undead by Kim Harrison

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

 Series: The Hollows 2
Publication Date: Jan 2005
Publisher: HarperTorch
Pages: 453
Reviewed by: Amber R.

I'm eating crow with this one. I wasn't at all impressed with the first book in this series. By the time I was 20 pages into this book, I was freaking hooked!

Someone is going around the Hollows killing witches and Rachel is on the hunt to figure out who this vicious serial killer is. No longer working with the I.S. and on her own with no one but Ivy and Jenks as back up this is a tough one. The F.I.B has hired her as a consultant for this case. All the evidence is pointing towards Trent, the dirty councilman, as the killer. After Rachel's run in with him in the last book, she's gunning to have him locked up. Not only does she have to deal with this but she's dealing with her human boyfriend calling a demon and a master vampire who is trying to get her roommate under his control.

Okay, Rachel is kind of a hot mess and I freaking love her. I seriously wasn't feeling her in the first book. But this book absolutely changed my mind 100%. I love that she's kind of scatterbrained but she is super intelligent. She has an amazing sense of humor, she has a tenacity to find out the truth and get justice, she has a good heart, and she has the balls to admit when she's wrong. I just love her so much.

Poor Ivy. In this book my heart was absolutely breaking for her. Although these stories are told from Rachel's p.o.v, you get a lot of Ivy story too. And what happens to her in this book just kills me. You can see her struggle and see she's trying so flipping hard. And just..the end hurts me for her.

We deal a bit more with Trent in this book and find out some surprising information about him. We also get more information about Kismet as well. And these are two characters that I can't help but want to know more about. I'm already looking forward to reading the 3rd book in this series. I wish I could start it right now.

I bow down to Amber I. because although I usually love all of the books she recommends me, I had a hard time with the first book of this series and this one I completely loved.. as you can tell by my rambling. I'm so looking forward to moving on in this series. 


  1. This makes me happy. I knew you'd love it. keep reading lassie.

  2. Yeah, glad you came to love the series. You will be amazed in every single book from now with everything that happens. I still have the last 2 books to read, but I did read the prequel in an anthology last week, that put me in the mood.

  3. Book 3 is on my listening plate for this month. I hear we get more Trent in it so I'm excited about that.

    1. I think I kinda like Trent. He's this total bad guy but there was something about him in this book that just made me want more.

  4. I totally hate Trent, though I know he has many fans who hope he and Rachel will get together.

    1. I'm not quite to that point yet but i do think i might end up liking him


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