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Sunday, March 17, 2013
 Carmel from Rabid Reads and I have been stalking paranormal authors that will be attending the RT Booklovers Convention in Kansas City on May 1-5. We’ll both be there in all of our book nerd glory so we decided to do a bloggy event to get psyched up even more for the convention!. Its a month long event in April that showcases some Paranormal Authors that are going to be going to The RT Convention.

Get to know more about your favorite authors, or find some new awesome authors. There will giveaways and a grand prize winner!And if you are attending the convention, let me know!!

AwesomeSauce Schedule:

1st: Gerry Bartlett
4th: Rachel Vincent
5th: Tara Hudson
8th: Cynthia Hand
10th: Rachel Caine
11th: Kelley Armstrong
12th: Nicole Peeler
15th: Kristen Callihan
16th: Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
17th: Kimberly Derting
19th: Amy Plum
22nd: Chloe Neill
24th: Jennifer L Armentrout
25th: Lisa Kessler
26th Laura Kaye
29th: Jeri Smith-Ready
30th: Aprilynne Pike
Rabid Reads Schedule:
1st: Cat Adams
2nd: Jennifer Estep
5th: Shannon K. Butcher
8th: Catherine Bybee
9th: Pamela Palmer
10th: Yasmine Galenorn
15th: Amanda Carlson
16th: Kristen Painter
17th: Sarah Zettel
18th: Jeannette Battista
19th: Vivian Arend
22nd: Nancy Holder
23rd: Cat Kalen
24th: Coreene Callahan
25th: Jeanne Stein
26th: Molly Harper

I hope you’ll join us all April long as we ask authors questions about their RT experiences!Hope you enjoy the event! 

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  1. I intend to go on the Saturday, but want to go at least one other day. I need to see what authors are there what days for sure.

  2. YAY!! Fun Fun! I grabbed the button and slapped it on my sidebar. I can't wait for the event to start and even more, I can't wait to meet you gals at RT. WHOOT!

    1. It will be so so much fun!! I can't wait to meet all of you.

  3. Wow, indeed a list of some of my favourite authors, and some unknown ones. I'll go follow Carmel now too!

  4. Oh yay! I didn't know you gals were going! Look froward to seeing you there! Turns out I lost my roommate that I had set for months, so I am trying to see if I can get a friend to come.

    1. Would love to meet up with you guys at some point!

    2. We for sure have to meet up! I will email you my cell number soon so it'll be easier for us to do that.

  5. wow, you guys went all out for this event! So much fun, can't wait for RT! Book Savvy Babe


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