Review: Tempest's Legacy by Nicole Peeler

Monday, February 18, 2013

Series: Jane True #3
Publication Date:
Jan. 2011
Pages: 368
Reviewer: Amber I.
Rating: Photobucket

 After a peaceful hiatus at home in Rockabill, Jane True thinks that her worst problem is that she still throws like a girl - at least while throwing fireballs. Her peace of mind ends, however, when Anyan arrives one night with terrible news . . . news that will rock Jane's world to its very core.

After demanding to help investigate a series of gruesome attacks on females -- supernatural, halfling, and human -- Jane quickly finds herself forced to confront her darkest nightmares as well as her deepest desires.

And she's not sure which she finds more frightening.

Okay first please do not mind if this review isn't the best. My computer broke and I had to wait days to write it. I need to write reviews right after I read a book but I loved this book so much I had to say something about it. 

I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. Jane is awesome. Anyan is amazing and I just want these two to get it on and get it on fast!!! They are going to kill me!

So yes before this book Ryu was still kind of in the picture. He is a pretty big part of this book but we are all separating from him. He still wants Jane but I think their separation came naturally and it felt right. In no way did I ever feel like I was in some kind of love triangle and annoyed. And even though I am rooting for some Anyan action him and Jane at the moment are just friends. They are really bonding and building something beautiful. I love them so much.

This book though was not just based on the relationships. It was action packed and kicked major ass. It had some surprising twists and shocking moments. Its the 3rd book in the series that I had to read in one day. Its just that bad ass. I want to start the 4th book right this second but I am trying to hold out. I mean I already got it from my library in case I break and need it. Such an awesome series. I am totally recommending to anyone that reads this review!

Series Reading Order:
 Aren't these covers amazing?? I must own them.


  1. I'm trying to catch up on other books fast so I can start book 4. Glad you are waiting on me and Christen.

  2. just finished book 2, can't wait to dive into book 3... given, I still need to pick it up, but I figure I will definitely read it within this next month :) Book Savvy Babe

  3. After I read your generous gifts to me I will catch up with this series. And I love the cover arts too!

  4. Still a very inspiring review. I do have some of those books, and hope to read them this year.


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