Review: Jungle Freakn Bride by Eve Langlais

Monday, February 4, 2013
Series: Freakn' Shifters 3.5
Publication Date: December 2012
Reviewer: Amber I.

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 Genre: (MFM) Paranormal/Shapeshifter Romance
Length: 61,000 words (novel)
Abducted by a pair of hunky, tribal warriors, Carlie doesn’t think things can get any stranger until the first time she purrs.

Warning: Hot, steamy threesomes, chauvinism and more are running wild in the jungle. Can you handle the heat?

Everyone’s heard of the mysterious Moon Ghost Jaguars, supposed shapeshifting men who steal women as their brides. What they forgot to mention was that half naked, ripped and oh so delicious, they always came as a pair – and turn into really big freakn’ cats! But Carlie’s not about to let these furry Tarzan’s dictate her future, even if they seem to have conquered her body.

Acat didn’t think he wanted a mate until he came across the outspoken American with golden hair. Making her his bride is only part of the battle. With the help of his best friend, Chaob, can he find a way to convince this strong willed woman to follow the traditions of his tribe? Or will this reluctant jungle bride get her lovers to accept the fact she’ll never be just a barefoot and pregnant mate?

When I saw this book was 3.5 I thought it was going to be shorter, but I am so glad I was wrong. This was a full story and I loved every second of it. I am just so happy Eve recognized that Carlie needed her own book and delivered us with this epic holy freaking hotness of a story!

Jungle Freakn Bride has to be my favorite of the series. Or close favorite its so hard to tell. One of the main reasons is because these men grew up as boys knowing that when they met their mate they where going to be sharing her. Its the curse of their tribe and so they know what to expect. It makes going into a menage relationship so much easier. There was never any tension about sharing or anything like that. Then of coarse the sex was just off the charts freaking HOT!!!!

Carlie was hilarious and even though these men technically kidnapped her she really took everything well. Her main problem was at first they weren't giving her any. lol It sounds weird like that but trust me you will see her point. And even though she desperately wanted some she wasn't going let these men call the shots. She totally kept them on their toes and took what she wanted when she wanted it. She  shook up the jungle just by being an american blonde girl, and her being the only blonde jaguar but trust me she shakes things up way more then that.

Its such an awesomely hot read! The action and suspense where awesome and I loved how it blended into the 3rd Freakn story. Once we met Carlie in Ruth's book I knew I wanted her story and I got way more then I could ever ask for. Eve Langlais is so amazing! Her books are always awesome. I get a scorching hot read, some laugh out loud moments and one hell of a story. Her books are definite ones to check out!

 Jungle Freakn' Bride

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  1. I love the name of this series. It's subliminnal but it certainly suggests that the book is "FREAKIN" something.

  2. It's awesome. Most of them are menage books but I love them. You must read Eve Langlais!!!


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