Review: Forbidden by Kelley Armstrong

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Series: Otherworld 10.1
Publication Date: Dec. 31st 2013
 Subterranean Press
Pages: 207
Reviewer: Amber I. 
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The team-spirit sign by the side of the highway seems a good omen to loner Morgan Walsh, as he drives to what could be the most important visit of his life — a chance to join the North American Pack. Then he wakes naked in the woods, surrounded by wolf tracks and a ring of suspicious cops. The situation only gets worse when he’s bailed out by Alpha-elect Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers, her terrifying enforcer and mate. 
Disappointed that such a promising young werewolf risked exposing them, Elena isn’t expecting anything from the pesky retrieval job except some much-needed alone time with Clay. Instead, she finds a different kind of evil stalking the streets and forests of Westwood, New York. Trapped in town by a snowstorm and sabotage, Elena, Clay and Morgan must find the mysterious threat before it sets its sights on them.

I really need to start paying attention to book labels. I seen a new novella coming out and I just thought it was after the 13th book. Well its not. lol Its 10.1. So I was a little disappointed but it was really my own fault. One of the best things I love about Kelley's novellas is that they are long .They aren't really short where you barely get a story out of them. This novella was 200+ pages of awesome!

In this novella we get to see how Morgan joins the pack. He is driving there unannounced and on his way stumbles into a bit of trouble. Winding up naked and handcuffed in a jail cell, Clay and Elena have to come bail him out. The town he is in is just full of horrors. Its a great action, mysterious packed book. The things that happen are really sad and sometimes broke my heart.

Of coarse having Clay and Elena in there makes this book a must read. I have to get every bit of time I can with them. They never disappoint! I think I would have rather this book come out before, like right after book 10. That way the events in that book where still fresh in my head when Morgan came in. But it was still a great read, like I said it had Clay and Elena.. They are always worth the read!


  1. I didn't realize this series has this many books already including the novellas in between. This is a good bang for your buck, at 200 pages its really a short novel.

  2. that is why I love her novellas. They are always worth the money. And there are 13 novels out. Plus the novellas. You must read them. Great Urban Fantasy.

  3. Oh boy! I must add this to my TBL, one of my favorite audio books of all time is Men of the Otherworld, a super fantastic listen :)
    I hope they publish this on audio.

    1. I forgot to say, Thanks for reviewing and Happy Valentines!


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