Review: Fangs, Fur and Mistletoe by Selena Blake

Sunday, February 3, 2013
Series: Mystic Isle #1
Publication Date:
December 2012
Format: ebook
Reviewer: Amber R.
Rating: Photobucket

Vampiress Coco Jeffres has lost her mojo. She plans to use her solstice trip to Mystic Isle, the pleasure playground for paranormals, to get it back. For once she’s looking for lust, not love. What she hadn’t planned on was coming face to face with an old obsession.

Tall, dark, and oh-so-handsome werewolf Grayson West is well versed in the arts of war and women. He’s got one week to blow off steam before he heads out on his next mission and he’s more than willing to help a lady find her inner vixen.

Especially when she’s the same beautiful blue eyed vamp he met one hundred years ago and has never been able to forget. They were once sworn enemies, pulled apart by war. Now they’re lovers. But history has a way of rearing its ugly head and their new relationship will have to stand up to the test of loyalty, friendship and even time itself.

Well, well, well. I can not tell a lie, with this title I wasn't expecting too much. But I figured what the hey, the blurb sounded okay. And I have to say that I was completely entranced with this novella! It's a quick read, it barely took me a hour all together. However, it was fun, sexy, and sweet all wrapped up in one neat little package.

Coco is a century year old vamp who is on the rebound. Her and her roommates, a group of female vampires, go to an island resort for a little erotic release. The resort is basically a place for supernaturals to hook up. Coco is looking for a little bit of fun to recharge her sexual battery. But she gets more than she bargained for with a blast from her past.

The heat between Grayson and Coco is palpable, seriously off the charts. There was a good storyline as well. Even though the book isn't very long you still get a good amount of story and build up between Coco and Grayson. You can definitely understand why they come together. I really enjoyed this book and I'm definitely going to be making sure to pick up the next in this series. Also, you guys.. it's only $1.99 on Amazon right now. You can't beat that. 


  1. Cool! I will be reviewing this too. Glad to know it'll be worth my time.

  2. Sounds nice, glad you enjoyed it Amber.


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