Review: Corporate Temptress by Stacey Kennedy

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Publication Date: Jan. 2013
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Reviewer: Amber I.

Authors Website
 Evan needs to finalize the details of an important merger. Problem is, the deal has come to a standstill because of the rival company’s drop-dead gorgeous CEO. Frustrated as he is with the woman, Evan can’t keep his mind off Brooke’s overt sexuality. He demands she sign the paperwork or the deal is dead. But Brooke has demands of her own. She’ll sign the contract…for one night of no-strings sex.

That’s a lusty merger Evan can’t possibly refuse.

Holy freaking hot sauce!!! Corporate Temptress is just like one big long awesomely delicious sex scene. Its 90% filled with one of the hottest nights of all times.

This book is all told from Evans POV. He is trying to merge his company with another but hes having some major issues.. He can't get the owner of the other company out of his head. He wants her like no other. And he gets the deal of a life time. Before she will agree to this deal she wants one night of her and him naked!! This is where all the fun begins.

Evan and Brooke steam up these pages. I am really glad I waited until my kids went to bed to start this book because well this is a book where you will not want to be interrupted.  This book is just HOT! Literally hot. I am sure while reading this book you will feel pretty warm and have a slight flush in your cheeks. Its one of those books I had to share some scenes with my husband in and even he was like holy hell. Its just that hot. So when you are reading this book just be prepared, have a plan and a back up plan because you are finished you are going to want some satisfaction. :)

If you are like me and sometimes need a book that is just more sex then talk then you have found it. Its a quick read but it will stay on your mind for a long time! Stacey Kennedy you are one naughty author. 


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