#AADSAV Author Spotlight with Marie Rose Dufour

Friday, February 8, 2013

 Please Welcome
 Marie Rose Dufour 
to AwesomeSauce today!

  • Please Introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi all,I’m a fairly new published writer. My first novella, Fated Mates, was published by Secret Cravings Publishing in September 2011. Despite being new to the publishing world, I’ve always been a writer. In elementary school, I always walked around with a notebook, writing down stories as inspiration struck. One of my favorite memories of my early writing was a time when I walked down to the beach at low tide and climbed on a huge rock to do some writing. I lost all track of time and when I finally looked around, the tide had come it. I had to wade back to shore in chest deep water while balancing my notebook on top of my head.

In high school, I graduated to writing fan fiction about my favorite band. Every day, my friends and I would gather in the cafeteria and listen to the latest addition to my stories. How these guys would totally fall in love with high school students, bring them on the road with them, and most of all live happily ever after. Doesn’t that really happen in real life? No? Well, in my mind, it always did. Two of the band members have recently published memoirs describing that time. I want to read them to see how things really were but I think my sixteen year old heart would break if I REALLY knew the truth!!

Finally, well into my adulthood, I started writing again. This time, it was serious and I started submitting my work to publishers. Talk about scary, it’s tough to work on something for a long time and then release it to strangers. In my head, I simplify it a bit. It must be like sending your child to all day kindergarten for the first time. You’re elated and terrified all at the same time.

I write as much as the dreaded day job allows me. I’ll probably never run out of stories to write. There are too many of them rattling around in my brain. Right now a sexy alien, a baseball player, and a group of friends going to Europe on a holiday and finding love are begging for their stories to be told.

  • Can you tell us a little about the world you've created?
My worlds depend on the type of book I’m writing. In Fated Mates, I’ve created a word where aliens have visited this planet before and found the people of Earth to be compatible mates. The descents of these earlier mates have come back to Earth to find mates of their own. It was my first attempt in blending two genres I absolutely love, Sci Fi and romance. Who still doesn’t swoon when they think about Kyle Reese coming across time to save Sarah Conner in The Terminator.

In my two contemporary novella’s, my settings for them are places we could visit in real life. Irish Rising is set in Ireland. A place I will go someday! The story tells of a romance writer going to Ireland with her two cousins on a research trip and falling head over heels in love with a sexy pub owner.

Saddle Up is my cowboy/cougar novella set on a Colorado ranch. Tasha Lane receives a phone call in the middle of the night about her brother getting hurt in an accident. She races to be at his side, not realizing his sexy young boss already has some hot plans for her while she’s there visiting.

  • What are you most excited about at AADSAV?
I think I’m really excited about meeting the readers at AADSAV. Writing is such a solitary profession. Writing doesn’t involve other people. Reading can be very social, especially if you surround yourself with people willing to talk about a certain book or character. I’m looking to meet some fans (hopefully, I’ll have some.), and make new friends.

It also doesn’t hurt that Stella is going to arrange a great conference. I know all of the writers from SCP were raving about the conference last year. I was going to attend as a reader but a work commitment came up, so I couldn’t go. I was so jealous. Nothing was going to stop me from going this year and it’s going to be great being a featured author there.

  • Any authors you are excited to meet?
I’m really excited to meet the other authors in my publishing house. Secret Cravings Publishing is like a family. Everyone is always there for each other. I really would like to put faces and voices to the people who I “talk” to every day via technology!

Tell us about your latest release?
My current full length novel was released on January 10. It’s an erotic paranormal romance called Bound in Evil.

For hundreds of years, evil is trapped beneath the ground. It never sleeps. It only waits to return.
A man turns his back against his magical family a long ago and the prophecy predicting a powerful witch with green eyes will release the imprisoned evil into the world. Nathaniel Caswell is determined to avoid the prophecy and the sexy new woman in town who could be his salvation or his downfall.
Meg Costa didn’t realize when she left her urban guidance counselor job for one on the sleepy coast of Massachusetts that she would catch the attention of the sexy green eyed sheriff and be thrown in the middle of a battle between good and evil.
Destiny throws these two together and along with the rest of the magical community, they need to figure out a way to save themselves and the world from being plunged into darkness forever.

  • Any restaurants in Savannah you plan on hitting up? (I would love to know, I want some ideas for myself)
Coming from Rhode Island, I don’t know any of the restaurants in Savannah. So I’m hoping to get some recommendations from the readers at the conference. I can tell you, we (hubby and I) are looking forward to trying real southern food. I predict there will be BBQ and southern shellfish involved.

  • Are planning on dressing up for any of the balls?
Definitely going to dress up!!! The costume for the Vampire Ball won’t be hard to come up with but the Elemental Masque is causing me to think. If I had to pick an element to match my personality, which would it be? I’d like to say something cool like fire but that really wouldn’t suit me. So I asked my husband. He told me I would be Earth. At first, I thought he was making a Couples Retreat joke but he wasn’t. He explained that I’m a nurturing person and I create just like Mother Nature. The husband of a writer certain can come up with excellent “saves” in any situation!!! LOL!

Thanks for having me here today! I really enjoyed “chatting” with you.

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 Thank you so much for joining us today!! Can't wait to meet you at AAD!


  1. I've enjoyed reading all your books and look forward to the second Bound book. :)

  2. Thanks for the fun interview, and I wish you all a great time at AAD!

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  4. Great interview, Marie. When you first said your husband suggested Earth, I too thought of Couples Retreat. LOL. Good luck with your latest release and have fun at AAD. :)


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