#AADSAV Author Spotlight with Ann Mayburn

Monday, February 11, 2013

Please Welcome Ann Mayburn to AwesomeSauce Today!

When I started to write my 'Club Wicked' series I wanted to set it in a place that would be rife with story possibilities and the opportunity for some really great relationships. I thought about the usual New York and LA locations, but I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted a place where not only would you find the best Doms and subs that the country has to offer, but also the chance for some political intrigue and drama. A place where the powerful elite would gather to indulge in their kinkiest fetishes and fantasies while remaining protected from the ever viscous paparazzi and those that would benefit from blackmailing the members.
I picked Washington DC for all of these reasons and more. Only in DC would you find Senators rubbing elbows with foreign CEO's, where you are as apt to run into a cowboy as you are a prince. Add to that the seasonal climate, the cultural life, and the generations of old money and you have the perfect environment for a BDSM club. In this case, an elite BDSM club that caters to the tastes of the powerful and wealthy. The top 1% of the 1% if you will.

But it wouldn't be much fun if there weren't some 'normal' people involved as well. From the hostesses that serve the drinks to the party planners who arrange the events, men and women with that certain something special that makes them Dominant or submissive have found their way into Club Wicked's hallowed halls since its founding in 1903. And they have often found their dark hearts desire, their soul mate if you will, waiting for them inside.

In the first book in the series, My Wicked Valentine, we meet Lucia Roa, a party planner who is struggling to keep her business from going under. Hard working and snarky, Lucia gets set up by the co-owner of Wicked, and her mentor, Mrs. Florentine to make a bid for the recently opened position of event planner at Wicked.

Mrs. Florentine, being the unofficial matchmaker of Wicked, thinks that Lucia will be perfect for one of Wicked's resident Doms, a handsome CEO who refuses to settle down after a disastrous first marriage. We get to see Club Wicked for the first time through Lucia's eyes and we get just a tiny taste of the decadent and dark pleasures that the club offers that you can find nowhere else in the world. With sister clubs in Moscow, Johannesburg, London, Paris, and Tokyo Club Wicked is always filled with Master's and submissives visiting from overseas and bringing new ideas and pleasures to the club.

I hope that you enjoy Club Wicked. The first book in the series, 'My Wicked Valentine' will be coming out on February 12th, 2013 and the second book, 'My Wicked Nanny' will be coming out on April 2nd, and 'My Wicked Devil' will be coming this spring and 'My Wicked Captive' this summer. I'm having a blast writing this series and I truly hope that you enjoy every minute of it. It's hot, it's kinky, but it will also make you laugh and leave you with a very happy sigh at the end. J


Thank you so much for joining us today Ann, can't wait to meet you at AAD!


  1. Thanks, darling. :D Are you guys going to RT at all?

  2. Great guest post!

    Cant wait to see your coverage, Amber. Get me some cool swags will you! :D


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