#AADSAV Author Spotlight: Tilly Greene

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today our AAD Author Spotlight is with Tilly Greene! So please sit back and enjoy her Guest Post. 

Five Scenarios I Refuse to Use
by Tilly Greene

The window is open and the world is there for a writer to use in whatever way they want … well, mostly.  There are some scenarios that I refuse to bring into my erotica and erotic romance work.  So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  Here are five scenarios that I won’t have in my work.

Religion.  Actually, this is a tricky one since I’ve had Satan as a hero [Call Me Lucifer] and another with a heroine as an angel [My Angel], and God has a few scenes as well.  Despite this, there was no religion mentioned.  No words touting Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddism, Hinduism, Taoism, or any other faiths, merely the jobs.  It all started with Satan and wondering if I could make him a hero the reader could support and want him to have his HEA.  From there, the angel was easy and God as their boss was the link between the two.

Politics.  Red or Blue, Independent, Democrat or Republican, fictional or mine, none of it has a place in one of my stories.  Now, in Zandia there’s an aura of politics when it comes to the place of women in its futuristic world, but voiced by an individual without any party affiliation.  This was a tricky path to travel, creating a planet with such personally repellant beliefs, but that made it all the more of a challenge I could not pass.

Money.  It’s funny, but I think this one comes from how I was raised.  Never ask someone how much they make, what they spend it on, how much they save … no money discussions.  Nope, it doesn’t happen in real life or in my fiction.  In the position of full disclosure, I believe I’ve mentioned the comfort with which Tilton Spidermach [Come Sweet Creature], and possibly Hamish Buchanan [Highland Heat] and Mike Kane [Missing Paradise] live, but never would I say a Billionaire this or Millionaire that.

Rape/Incest/Abuse.  These are ugly horrific events that, while has many plot possibilities or character development ideas, I would never bring them to play in an erotic romance or erotica.  The subjects are so fraught with a plethora of emotions that it could intrigue some writers and power to them, but I simply couldn’t attempt to make a story with such scenarios.  Maybe in the future I could have a survivor as a character, but not for the moment.

Alcohol/Drugs.  There has been a random glass of champagne or a cocktail, but problems associated with alcohol and drugs are just too rocky a path to tread.  They aren’t fun paths either.  Sure, a party, dinner for two offer loads of opportunities for a writer and I’ve used both, but not with an abundance of alcohol and no drugs whatsoever.  That said, I must confess the hero in My Angel is a recovering alcoholic musician and already sober at the beginning of the story.

There are others scenarios, but these five are the ones I prefer to steer away from.  Now it’s your turn, what scenarios don’t you want to read?

Whether traveling or sitting in her office, Tilly Greene researches and writes erotica and erotic romance novels in a variety of genres and sub-genres like shape shifter, paranormal, contemporary and futuristics, and themes such as BDSM, multiculturalism and ménages.  Every day she looks forward to writing about women who are independent and confident, the men who love them, and their twisting passionate path to each other. 

Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.

LEATHER BRIDE by Tilly Greene
Contemporary Erotic Romance + Fetish, Exhibitionism and Bondage

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There are two things on Mimi’s mind—her lover Rick, and how he’s finally given in and bound her. Everything is wonderful until a mysterious trip calls him away.

Mimi tries to back out of walking the runway at the Safe, Sane and Consensually Wild fashion show, where she and her lover were set to model leather goods. She’s the muse behind the collection and the designer, her friend, won’t hear of her not modeling.

A misunderstanding threatens to tear them apart, but a fashion show could bring Mimi and Rick closer together.

Thank so much for joining us today Tilly!! Can not wait to meet you in Savannah! 


  1. Thank you very much for having me here, AwesomeSauce Bookclub ... see you in Savannah :-)

  2. Thank you for stopping by. We are so excited for AAD! :)


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