Blogiversary Winners

Monday, January 7, 2013
Thank you so much to all our old and new followers! We hope you enjoyed the giveaways! And that you stick with us even after these giveaways are over. 

Oh and a super duper thanks to all the authors who donated to this event! You all ROCK!

Below is a list of WINNERS!
all winners have been emailed and responded. 

Blogiversary Day 1: Eve Langlais
US- Denise Z
INT- Rae M.
Blogiversary Day 2: Amanda Carlson
Karina V
Blogiversary Day 3: Swag Giveaway
Sharon S.
Blogiversary Day 4: Heather Hildenbrand
Alexandra M.
Blogiversary Day 5: Dani Harper
Maria S.
Blogiversary Day 6: Rosanna Leo
Cathy V.
Blogiversary Day 7: Stacey Kennedy
Wanda L.
Blogiversary Day 8: More Swag
Tabitha W.
Blogiversary Day 9: 2012 Favorites
Blogiversary Day 10: $20 Gift Card

1 comment:

  1. Thanks darlings and congrats again on your 2 Year Blogiversary!


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