Review: Windfall by Rachel Caine

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Series: Weather Warden #4
Publication Date: November 1st, 2011
Reviewer: Amber R.
Rating: Photobucket
Less than a year ago, Joanne Baldwin was an agent for one of the most powerful organizations in the world, entrusted with the safety of millions of lives on a daily basis. Now she's a scantily clad "weather girl" for a Ft. Lauderdale television station.

After losing her job as a Weather Warden (those with the ability to manipulate the weather and avowed to protect humankind), Joanne is finding life in the "real world" not as enticing as she once thought. Her job as a cheesecake weather girl is humiliating, especially with a lecherous head meteorologist (deliciously named Marvelous Marvin McLarty) who delights in devising new ways to embarrass her on camera. But with her supernatural Djinn lover slowly dying and a recently divorced, shopping-addicted sister camping out on her sofa, Joanne's problems couldn't possibly get worse -- or could they? Throw in a highly suspicious detective bent on arresting Joanne on murder charges, a Djinn civil war, and a monster of an approaching hurricane --and suddenly Marvelous Marvin's antics don't seem so bad!

Wildly unpredictable weather -- and women! -- and an extraordinarily entertaining female protagonist with enough sexy panache and irreverent attitude to make Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake look like an octogenarian etiquette expert, Rachel Caine's Weather Warden saga (Chill Factor, Heat Stroke, et al.) is an absolute delight to read. You want guilty pleasures? Read these novels, which are a little romance, a little urban fantasy, and a whole lot of fun. Barometer not included.

HOLY HELL! I just finished this book and I'm on an emotional high right now. I can't believe this book. I can't believe this woman's (Rachel Caine) mind! This book, this world, this series is absolutely mind blowing. There is so much, these books are extremely intricate and I don't feel like I have enough time to discuss all of these things without sounding like a crazy person.

Jo, my poor baby, Jo. She's been through hell the past few weeks and it shows no signs of stopping. She's settled down in Florida, she really wants to live a normal life. And she's trying. The past few weeks have completely drained her and she has little to none of her warden power left. She's struggling and she has way too much on her plate. She's working at a news station as a weather girl for this guy who is a completely lecherous old man. Cherise is one of the girls who work there too. And she is a great character, she's funny and awesome. I really liked a lot of the side characters in this book. Also, Sarah, Jo's sister, comes into town, down on her luck and needing somewhere to stay. Needless to say, she ends up with Jo. The wardens are on the fritz, like bad. They are breaking down and fast. Djinn are free and fighting amongst themselves. The wardens are after Djinn and Djinn aren't having any of it.There is a huge, nasty storm brewing and no one is even aware of it. Trust me, this isn't even skimming the surface of the craziness.

There were so many things in this book that I was completely shocked about. Can we talk about David and Jo? My poor heart, I am heartbroken over their situation. They love each other so much and everything is just so stacked up against them. Jo is still technically pregnant but not really pregnant. It's a half Djinn child, of course it wouldn't be normal. I was just up and down in this book. It's such a good book, such an amazing series. I'm already on the verge of picking up book five and I really, really, need to go to bed. If any of you have read this series and want to talk about it, LET ME KNOW. I need to discuss things thus far and I don't know anyone who has read these yet. I absolutely love this series. I can't wait to get into the next book.


  1. I've read the first 6 books a few years ago, and never read the rest. I cannot remember very much of it, but I liked them very much. Djinns, and Wardens, and the weather, an awesome combo.
    I don't think I was writing reviews back then.

    1. I love these books. I can't wait to get into the rest of series.


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