Randomly Random Interview with Autum from Always Purrty

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Welcome to our new feature: 
Randomly Random Interviews! 
We here at AwesomeSauce missed Featuring Bloggers and getting to know them better. So instead of what we did before and only talked books now we are going to talk about lots of Randomness! Hope you Enjoy and make some new friends!!

So without Further Ado Please Welcome
Autum from Always Purrty

  • Welcome to Awesomesauce please tell us a little about you and your blog?
 Hello! My name is Autum, I am 28 and live near Cleveland Ohio. I have a husband named Thomas and 4 crazy cats. I own Always Purrty Design (currently on hiatus) and I am going to school to teach grades 4-9, but I want to teach 5th grade. I have a handful of credits, so yeah, why not? I kinda just started blogging lol. I decided I wanted a place for random thoughts, recipes, reviews, and whatever strikes my fancy.
  • Why did you start blogging?
Just wanted a place for everything that is me. I realized I didn’t have a place for just myself.
  • Embarrassing blogger moment?
This really isn’t an embarrassing moment, more of a small tale. I read ‘Preservation’ by Rachel Wade and I hated it. It was absolutely terrible. I had to do a review for it for a blog tour. Well I didn’t give it a great review- my review was the ONLY review Rachel Wade didn’t comment on the whole tour. When asked why, she said that she was ‘stunned’ by my review. I gave it a three rating, which at the time, was generous. I wish I could get in a delorean and give it 1 star. Because it really is a piece of crap. My embarrassing moment; not being as honest as I should have.
  • 5 random facts
·        Most people just don’t get my morbid sense of humor. I am not weird, you just suck lol.
·        I am terrified of fish. Any fish. I can’t be in the water with them. I freeze up and panic. I can’t even be in the water in video games that have fish.
·        I have to go with Amber I. on a fact here. I am SO ungirly. My husband says I dress like an old lady. If PJ’s and hoodies are old lady-ish, well I am 100 years old then. I love comfy clothes.
·        I hate socks and shoes. I wish I could just be barefoot all the time. If my husband comes to bed with socks on, I make him take them off. They just wig me out.
·        I love history. I can sit for hours and read about different time periods. I really love reading about anything to do with the Civil War period and the Tudor period.
  • First book you fell in love with?
The very first ‘Boxcar Children’ book. Man just thinking back on the joy that book brought me, it makes me all warm and fuzzy now.
  • When you're not reading and reviewing what do you do?
I love to play video games. I am currently trying to  get all the achievements in Fallout: New Vegas. Yeah I know I am not nerdy at all lol. I love to sing and play piano. It’s the one of the things I can do that brings be true happiness.
  • If you could pick a book character to be stuck on a deserted island with, who would you pick and why?
Hmm that is a hard one. I am currently obsessed with Rachel Morgan, so I think I would want her on an island with me. It would be awesome to learn some demon magic.
  • A book decided to suck you in to it, what book would it be in and what role would you play?
Any Harry Potter, I would just like to be some random person. It would be cool to do magic.
  • Top 5 authors you want to meet?
·        Patricia Briggs
·        Kim Harisson
·        Jeaniene Frost
·        Richelle Mead
·          Ilona and Gordon Andrews

  • If you won the lottery, what's the first selfish thing you would do or buy?
·           A house.  I would buy it some far off country and make sure I had a private jet that could get people there. I would have a recording studio, small farm, library, amazing kitchen, and a movie theater. I would also have a huge outdoor cat enclosure so the cats could go outside. You would see me on cribs lol.

  • What book would you love to see made into a movie?
·          The Night Huntress series. It would be cool to see who would play Bones.

  • What is your favorite paranormal creature and why?
·          Witches. I would love to do real spells! I would also love to just be able to blast cell phones out of people’s hands. Seriously people, pay attention to the people in the room with you!

  • The zombie apocalypse has happened, what are your plans to survive?
·          A really sharp katana and zombie pets, because apparently that’s how you do it. That crazy chick in The Walking Dead is a killing machine. She is my role model if in fact the zombie apocalypse happens.

  • If you were stuck on a deserted island tell us what 3 things you'd bring in each category?

Tea, Diet Dr. Pepper, and Water
Oh man. I like series! I guess the Bible, The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, and The Deathly Hallows Miscellaneous items-Toothbrush, notepad, scissors
Veronica Mars Seasons
Spaghetti, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and a bunch of Rice.
CDs-Hanson-Middle of Nowhere, Hanson- The Walk, Hanson- This Time Around

  • Doc Brown pulled up with his time machine and said he would take you to any time in the future or past anywhere you wanted, where would you pick and why?
·          I think it would be cool to go to Tudor England. Of course I would want to make sure no one would notice me. I don’t want my ass beheaded.. or die of the sweating sickness. So I would need an array of medications and my own time traveling doctor.
  • You're in blogger jail for whatever reason, what is your last meal request?
My home made spaghetti and garlic bread.
  • Favorites
TV Show- The Walking Dead, Fringe, American Horror Story, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy and SNL
Color: Yellow
Movie: I think Sydney White lol. I am such a loser.
The Longest Journey (my ALL TIME FAVE) Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Oblivion, Dead Space 1 & 2, Bio-Shock.. I need to stop lol
Christmas, Halloween
Guilty Pleasure:
Amanda Bynes movies lol

  • If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
·          I don’t know. I would love to travel everywhere. I don’t think I could pick one place.

 Thank you so much for 
your awesomesauce post!!
 I will save my comments for the comments. 
But I will say Un-Girly Girls Rock! ;)

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 Autum @ Always Purrty Design
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  1. Oh I never knew your fish phobia. And I think you're now even crazier. ;)

    1. I hate birds. They creep me the freak out. I'm not too fond of anything creepy crawly/slimy/icky.

  2. awesome interview! EEEKKK. I <3 Rachel Morgan! I can just imagine all the crap-tastic spells that she could do that would wreck that island xD *shrugs* maybe there would be ley lines there and she could totally jump y'all to see Algaliarept... lol, can you tell I'm a total fan? xD

    o.O your house would totally be on cribs.. I've always wanted a theater in my home... one day, Ana, one day.. *pats back sympathetically*

    I'm with you on the zombie apocalypse! Michonne knows how to get down! I'll take a Katana and two zombies to go please! Weren't those her brothers? *sigh* February is a long way away :(

    P.S. I love your work!

    Ana♥ @ Beach Bum Reads

    1. Thank you!! I LOVE Al!!! He is so freaking wicked, I just love him. I agree february is too long to wait for the walking dead. They are mean with these mid season breaks!

    2. You're welcome :) -- Gah. for a second (And I do hope I'm not spoiling this for others) but when Rachel was in debt to him, I so wanted something MORE for them two... *sigh* He started me on this whole demon loving phase, but... I'm happy with the Lords for Gena Showalters LOTU series ;)

      Seriously. And it's always mid-season with all the good shows!!! :( I'm just hoping when the show kicks back up, that Daryl is still alive and well and kicking zombie ass. xD


    3. I don't think anything will happen to Daryl, everyone loves him. It's funny about Rachel being with Al, me and Amber R were discussing how we thought they should have gotten it on lol!

    4. Amber I.* not R. You damn Ambers lol... I am just going to start calling Amber I. poppet and Amber R. beardlover

    5. neither do I... but... you never know lol... AAAHH I so wanted something to happen between those two. hmph! buuut I'll take Mr. Kalamak and his sezzy pointed ears too lol


    6. I love Al but now I'm more for Trent. I just wish they'd get it on already. And Autum you may call me poppet, you know how I like that.

  3. I didn't like Preservation that much too! But like you I gave it a three because I just got back from a vacation and was feeling generous.

  4. Great interview ladies, thank you! I was fun getting to know you Autumn.

  5. Oh Autum guess what? I have met 3 out of the 5 authors you have listed. :) Sorry bragging. But I drove 2 hrs to see Kim Harrison. And I met Richelle Mead in like 2010. I got 6 books signed by her. I was the last one to get that many after that they cut everyone off to only 2. Damn bragging again. I don't get to do that often. sorry. Oh when I see Jeaniene I got an Ian bracelet. You know how I love my Ian.

    Okay brag comment is now completed. Lets go on an author spree in 2013.

    1. Lol you are such a bragger! I am so jealous! Maybe one day I will meet them,, one day

    2. I'm going to make it happen. don't you worry pretty lady, poppet is on the case.


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